Crowley Aleister - 1907 Alester Crowley Diary Fragment

Author : Crowley Aleister (Crowley Edward Alexander)
Title : 1907 Alester Crowley Diary Fragment
Year : 1907

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Thursday 7 Began V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Beat Sunny Jim by 7 & 5 at h a stroke. Wrote to D.D.S. asking for permission to do a Vow of Silence and to appoint a period. Friday 8 Sculping. Daleth or rather Chesed. Saturday 9 9.0 P.M. Began vow of Refusing to answer questions. D.D.S. says 7 days. A slip is to be punished with a razor-cut. Rose is very angry, of course. One notices in Refusing to Answer Questions that nearly everything said to one is a question. One notices that 5 years ago one would have called all the Gods to witness a majestic ceremonial Vow; at present one determines, & begins forthwith. One may use this formula to battle against and overcome the Great Devil One should consider before speaking at all whether the speech is both necessary and unimportant; for unless these conditions are fulfilled one breaks the Vow of Silence, of which this is a branch. One has been in fighting form all day, but this formula gives one an idea of tremendous controlled force. day. All things are wonderful to me. I know that I am on the very threshold of Binah; that henceforth I shall go about my ways in utter delight and praise. Hail! This matter of Refusing to A[nswer Questions resolves itself into a vigilance over speech. It is thus a much harder task than plain Silence; for interest in the conversation betrayeth this vigilance. It has struck me that ``the Black Magician abstains from salt'' is Tohu-Bohu. The abstainer from salt did so to work evil without becoming nimak-kharam. Hence he was suspected of sorcery. ...

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