Crowley Aleister - In residence

Author : Crowley Aleister (Crowley Edward Alexander)
Title : In residence : the Don's guide to Cambridge
Year : 1904

Link download :

ARTISTE'S FOREWORD. THESE poems are ali or nearly ali reprinted from the otherwise dull pages of the " Granta," "Cantab," "Cambridge Magazine," " Silver Crescent," and other tony sheets. (Tony sheets is good, and free from the no 'count English accent) People who wanted to read them bad to buy these papers, which were messy and lumpy, while the reader's attentipn was unpleasantly distracted by the dung heap on which these pearls were cast. This volume meets the crying need of millions of what sorne people will call " undergrads." The priee for Cash will be One Shilling, for Credit One Thousand Guineas, in the proportion familiar! to ali "scions of Alma Mater," as sorne other people always say. Damn 'em ! ...

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