Crowley Aleister - Tannhäuser A story of all time

Author : Crowley Aleister (Crowley Edward Alexander)
Title : Tannhäuser A story of all timeh
Year : 1907

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PREFACE. As, after long observation and careful study, the biologist sees that what at first seemed isolated and arbitrary acts are really part of a series of regular changes, and presently has the life-history of the being that he is examining clear from Alpha to Omega in his mind ; as, during a battle, the relative importance of its various incidents is lost, the more so owing to the excitement and activity of the combatant, and to the fact that he is himself involved in the vicissitudes which he may have set himself to observe ; while even for the commander, though the smoke-pall may lift now and again to show some brilliant charge or desperate hand-tohand struggle, he may fail to grasp its significance in his dispositions ; or indeed find it to be quite unexpected and foreign to his calculations ; yet a few years or months later the same battle may be lucidly, tersely, and connectedly described, so that a child is able to follow its varying fortunes with delight and comprehension : just so has my own observation of a life-history more subtle, a battle more terrible, been at last co-ordinated : I can view the long struggle from a standpoint altogether complete, calm, and philosophical ; and the result of this review is the present story of Tannhauser, just as the isolated and often apparently contradictory incidents of the fight were recorded in that jungle of chaotic emotions which I printed under the title of " The Soul of Osiris," calling it a history so that my readers might discover for themselves (if they chose to take the trouble) the real continuity in the apparent disjointedness. The history of any man who seriously and desperately dares to force a passage into the penetralia of nature ; not with the calm philosophy of the scientist, but with the burning conviction that his immortal destiny is at stake ; must be a strange one : to me at least strangely attractive. The constant illusions ; the many disappointments ; the bitter earnestness of the man amid the grim humour, or more often sheer cacchination of his surroundings ; all the bestial mockery of the baffling fiends ; the still more hideous mockery in which the Powers of Good themselves seem to indulge ; doubt of the reality of that which he seeks ; doubt even of the seeker ; the irony of the whole strife : are fascinating to me as they are, I make no doubt, to the majority of mankind. ...

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