Crowley Aleister - The Argonauts

Author : Crowley Aleister (Crowley Edward Alexander)
Title : The Argonauts
Year : 1904

Link download :

ACTUS PRIMUS. PELrAs. JASON. Semi'-dwrus of Ioklzi'an Men. Semi-dwrus of Ioldzian Women. ScENE: Tlze T!zrone-clzamber ofKrNG PELrAS. SEMI-cHORUS OF MEN. The prophecies are spoken in vain, The auguries vainly cast, Since twenty years of joyous reign In peace are overpast; And those who cursed our King's desires Are branded in the brow for liars. SEMI-cHORUS OF WOMEN. We beard the aged prophet speak The doom of woe and fear. We wait with blanched and icy cheek The one-and-twentieth year: For Justice lies, as seeds lie, dead, But lifts at last a Gorgon head! MEN. What fear cao reach our Thessaly? What war disturb our peace? ...

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