Hitler Adolf - Liberty Art Nationhood

Author : Hitler Adolf
Title : Liberty Art Nationhood Three Addresses delivered at the Seventh National Socialist Congress, Nuremberg, 1935. The restoration of German Liberty. Art and Politics. The basis of Nationhood
Year : 1935

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"The Reich is no longer a defenceless plaything. It is no longer at the mercy offoreign predominance. Its defence is assured. We can feel this tranquil sense of security all the more deeply because the German people and their Government have no other object in view than to live in peace andfriendship with their neighbours. We look upon our Army as the protective barrier behind which the Nation can work in peace." Adolf Hitler. FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY : The Congress in which we are now assembled is the Seventh Congress of the National Socialist Movement. It is sixteen years since the Party was founded, and twelve years since our first revolutionary rising. Eleven years ago the Party was founded a second time. And we are now in the third year of our final victory. What tremendous experiences we have been through within the span of about a decade-and-a-half When we began our struggle Germany was in the throes of a chaotic disruption. Those who were then guiding the destinies of the German people were about to make shipwreck of the national honour, together with our national strength and liberty. A nation which had given such high proof of mihtary valour was politically bartered away and betrayed by its own rulers. And today, after sixteen years? In 1933 we called our Congress the Victory Congress and we had good right to do so ; for we considered the final estabhshment of National Socialist power as the characteristic mark of that period. For a similar reason ^ we can proudly designate the present celebrations as the Liberty Congress of the Reich. We are all so impetuously carried along in the swift rhythm of events that it is difficult for the individual to realise sufficiently the immediate and ultimate significance of what has happened. It must be left to History to record how within the span of less than three years since our accession to power a revival took place in Germany which our adversaries certainly had not foreseen and which certain indifferent bourgeois elements have not been able to comprehend but which we, National SociaHsts, have always believed in with an ardent and indomitable faith. This revival will be judged in history as an honourable hquidation of the bankruptcy which took place in 1918. It was just where Germany suffered from the severest collapse that the greatest revival took place. And thus it is that we have always felt this inner recovery of our people to be the most essential element, together with the restoration of the political honour of the nation and therewith the restoration of our human dignity also. The importance of all that we have achieved in the various other branches of national life during the last three years is insignificant in comparison with this inner re-awakening. The urge for self-preservation on the part of the community as a whole unfortunately embraces the egoisms of miUions of individuals. And in our case the individuals were hard hit by the crisis which they had to face in their daily lives. The peasant naturally thinks of the returns he derives from his toil. The worker thinks of his daily wage and the artisan busies himself with the problem of how his wares are selHng. The landlord worries about the rents that his property brings in and the industrialist thinks of the returns that come from the output of his factory, just as the unemployed broods over the chances of getting work or on the amount of his dole. Each person feels his own troubles and thinks them the most essential He feels the weight of his own miseries as the hardest burden of all. But they are bad times indeed when the individual becomes blind to the general condition of things around him and fails to consider or understand the great laws which govern the collective march of events and thereby determine the life of the individual himself. On the occasion of this Third Congress since our accession, to power we, National SociaHsts, can look back with pride over all that has been accomplished during the past three years, even the merely material results that have been achieved in the various spheres of pubhc life. If we consider the people as one great organism and if we reahse that each piece of work, no matter where it be done or what form it may take, is to the ultimate gain of the whole organism, then we shall be able to form at least a general idea of how much our people have benefited by virtue of one fact alone, namely, that the unemployed— who numbered over six millions—have been reduced to one million and three-fourths. In this we have rendered the nation a service which the individual cannot easily estimate at its true value. Since our advent to power we have replaced about five million people in the circuit of national production. This means that for every working day we have given to the German people an average of between thirty and forty million hours of work more than they had previously. This has been their salvation. It does not matter for what kind of production this working power has been employed in the individual cases. Taken all in all, in one year we have given to the nation the fruits of about nine milliard hours of labour. This gigantic achievement, which is distributed in its activities and effects throughout the whole sphere of our national production, is not for the benefit of some individual millionaires. Directly or indirectly, it is bringing about an improvement in the general conditions of living and accordingly enhances our national existence. We know from experience that the damages accruing from fifteen years of progressive dissolution could not be repaired completely within the short span of three years. But what we have done will be supplemented by further restoration in the various spheres of national existence. With the passing of time it must necessarily result in raising not only the general standard of living and the cultural level of the German nation as a whole, but each individual German will be able to perceive and feel the benefit of it in his own life. As regards those results which have been produced by the national effort in the multifarious branches of our economic Hfe as a whole, within three years of National SociaHst leadership, you will have a detailed account laid before you in the series of special lectures which are to be given during the course of this Congress. It has been a magnificent performance. Yet it is only secondary when compared with the work which we have done, by adhering loyally to our programme, in restoring the honour and liberty of the nation. For if this restoration had not taken place, all other measures would have been in vain. That is especially true in a world and at a time where unrest prevails to a degree that has never before been experienced and where \y& are farther removed than ever before from the so-called rule of a higher justice. You will all understand what is in my mind if I ask you at this festive moment to lift your eyes above this hall and take a broad glance at the great world beyond the frontiers of the German nation. Unrest and insecurity are the striking features of the spectacle that meets your gaze. Right is weak and Semblance rules the world. But woe to him who is weak himself! The stronger will take his possessions from him and use them as the grounds of a moral argument to justify his subjugation. Slaves are made where slaves are emancipated. Classes are born where classes are annihilated. The Marxist theorists who preached the doctrine of "Never Again" during the War are now constructing colossal machinery for the purpose of war. The apostles of international conciliation are filling the world with intolerant hatred and are infamously inciting the nations against one another. Those who have signed alliances of peace are studying the possibilities which may be offered by the coming war and the methods to be used in the waging of it. ...

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