Pike Albert - Charges and specifications

Author : Pike Albert
Title : Charges and specifications Preferred august 23, 1862, by brigadier general Albert Pike, against major gen. Thos. C. Hindman.
Year : 1863

Link download : Pike_Albert_-_Charges_and_specifications.zip

LETTER TO THE ADJUTANT AND INSPECTOR GENERAL, ACCOMPANYING CHARGES AGAINST MAJOR GENERAL THOS. C. HINDMAN. Little Rock, Arkansas, August 25, l892. General S. Cooper, C. S. A., Adjutant Gent ral, Richmond, Va.: Sir : I enclose herewith charges and specifications against Major General Thomas C. Hindman, of the Provisional army of the Confederate States. I was my intention merely to duplicate charges and specifications, placed by me on the twentienth of the present month, in the hands of the postmaster at Washington, Arkansas, o be forwarded by mail, or by the carrier who goes, at irregular intervals, to Chattanooga ; in order to make it certain they should reach Richmond, as I feared they would not do in either of those modes. I have, however, here added a sixth and seventh charge, and in some respects modified or varied the language of the specifications under the others, and therefore request that these may be substituted for those. ...

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