March Louis T. - Immigration and the End of Self-Government

Author : March Louis T.
Title : Immigration and the End of Self-Government
Year : 200*

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The underlying cause of unrest in the United States is not any particular political or economie policy, but a process of spiritual and cultural impoverishment that begets corrupt government. While markets fluctuate, trade deficitS mount, and a president is impeached, more important things than money are being lost Family and community are the foremost casualties as a decline in the standard of living for 85 percent of Americans continues into its third decade. Cheap labor tloods in; good jobs go overseas. Ali the while, the average family pays more in taxes than it does for food, clothing and shelter combined. For most familles, both spouses must work outside the home, a necessity that did not exist as recently as the 1960s. AU this amounts to cultural and economie warfare on Middle America in general and on the family in particular. It is the logical result of a values system that favors the acquisition of wealth above aU else. This system is today known as globalism. The twin pillars of globalism are undefended borders ("open borders") and undefended markets ("free trade" or "open markets"). Any government with the people's interests at heart works to secure and defend its borders and markets, as a matter of national security if nothing else. Y et, in spite of the obviously minous consequences, our government does . nothing of the kind. · The consequence of "open borders" is the importation of cheap labor; the result of "open markets" is the export of good jobs. AU of society's power centers encourage these policies, for they mean higher profits for big business and more social engineering opportunities for leftist ideologues. The logical result of these policies will be the emergence of a hopelessly ftactured body politic which is incapable of asserting itself with any degree of cohesion. This would preclude the opportunity for a viable people's challenge to a globalist/intemationalist elite. It is already bringing about a multicultUral make-over of American society. Media manipulation and big govemment coercion are increasingly employed to impose this agenda on the American people. Currency crises, failed International Monetary · Fund bailouts, wasted foreign aid, worldwide turmoil, declining standards of living· and a vanishing middle class are· but a few symptoms of fa.iling globalism. The presidential impeachment and related scandais are symbolic of the corruption increasingly embraced by Western goveriunents. Sorne say inadequate reprogramming of computer systems to deal· with the "Y2K glitch" or millennium bug" will unleash a crisis sufficient to bring globalist economies to a screeching hait. However, those waiting for a single cataclysmic event to create change are usually disappointed except in the case of war-military involvement is a proven way to rescue failing economies and failed presidencies. Not surprisingly, an upturn in social problems accompanies the . globalist juggemaut. High divorce rates, increasing illegitimacy (approaching 25% for whites, 70% for blacks), low birthrates (except for the welfare class and Third World immigrants) are indication enough of w~ is happening to America. The lethal blows come when traditional communities. are obliterated by a process of colonization through unchecked, indiscriminate immigration. Nothing. could better further the elite's twin goals of social engineering and profit byany means necessary. Nothing could be more devastating to Middle America. It is little wonder that, when traditional bonds of family and community suffer, diversions of mass media entertainment, drugs, gangs, and other unsavory activities take their place. Sorne people speak with their parents for no more than ten m-inutes or so each week, but can describe in vast detail the latest sporting event, media-dictated trend" or mindnumbing television "sitcom" beamed their way. The demoralizing trends of cheap tabor immigration and de-industrialization only consolidate globalist economie gain and political control. The resulting transformation of our very body politic inevitably alters the form and fonction of government at ail levels. Such large-scale social engineering is divisive in the extreme, contributing to the decline of cohesion, public order, education and intelligence. While highly profitable to an elite few, it is extremely harmful to the whole of American society. Though globalism's problems are many, this book focuses on immigration. The most serious flaws of current immigration policy are its lax enforcement and anti-European bias, which have allowed a peaceful penetration of the U.S. from throughout the world. Most of the incoming peoples have little· in common with the host population. And while Americàns already pride themselves on their "individuality," the settlement of large numbers of racially "group conscious" people in our nation bas brought about ali variety of conflicting interests and even more enduring contlicts of values. The increasing tendency to portray every group in American society-with the sole exception of whitesas a victim of racism, sexism and other burgeoning politically incorrect ''pathologies" bas taken its toll. The disruptive influence of immigration on social, economie and cultural life is readily apparent. A less obvious effect is the subtle alteration of our fonn of government as it strains onder the pressures of an in,creasingly multicultural society. Present levels of immigration undennine the timehonored concept of "governm.ent by the consent of the govemed" by thwarting sociètal consensus on a broad range of issues. This bas diverted American government from its constitutional mandate and caused the deployment of scarce resources increasingly toward "social" ends. Consequently, the national government grows in scope, complexity and rigidity, furi:her overstepping its coOstitutional mandate. Gradually, governm.ent abandons any pretense of preserving, protecting or defending those customs, mores and ideals irrevocably bound to the nature of homogeneous peoples, the extended family and the nation state. While the Constitution and state and local charters of government may remain uncbanged on paper, the actual fonn and function of governm.ent are inexorably transfonned as new laws and regulations, rulings and interpretations, enforcement and administrative procedures arise to deal witb a more complex (etbnically and racially diverse) society. Consequently, the Constitution offers little interference to the direction in which government is heading. Put another way, the United States government is perfectly safe-from the Constitution. ...

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