McVan Ron - Temple of Wotan

Author : McVan Ron
Title : Temple of Wotan Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes
Year : 2000

Link download :

Foreword. WOTAN - LORD OF HOSTS. C. G. Jung affirmed that Wotan was the God of Lightning—the Stormbringer, but Wotan is more than that, he is, also, the God of Poetry, Love and War. Without a doubt whatsoever the God of the Christians, who has come to replace Wotan, impersonating him, is more than a poor imitation. One cannot even say that this Christian counterfeit is a "reincarnation of the Archetype," but rather, he is Wotan' s executioner. It was from the Irminsul at the Externsteine (the ancient megalithic monument in Horn, Germany) that the followers of the destroyer Charlemagne appropriated the symbol of the cross and concocted the crucifixion of Christ. Indeed, it was already Wotan who historically donned the titles: "Lord of Hosts" and the "God of Love." The Mystical Death and the Resurrection in the flesh on the third day correspondingly are a plagiarism of the Resurrection of Wotan on the ninth day, on the Irminsul cross, having recovered the runic Futhark which had been lost in the paradise of Hyperborea, and thus enabled him to deliver the new word and dispensation to the fallen Aryans, who were momentarily oblivious to their divine origin. There at the Externsteine is found the stone sepulcher of the Mystical Death, replicating the Hyperborean Resurrection of the Initiate. Further, it was there whither the odinic priestesses—the Valkyries—came to gather Wotan' s slain warriors to ensure their immortality and life eternal. This entire glorious path of the Initiate, to be destined to a caste, to an Aryan elite, vanished with the destruction and conversion of the Saxons to Christianity - or rather, perfidious "Christianized Wotanism"—derailed by the •well-planned and all pervasive Jewish deception of Saul (Saint Paul) of Tarsus. It was the German Schutzstaffel who, one way or another, without the need to declare it, caused the resurgence of the path of the Externsteine; the great Spear extended from Wewelsburg to the sacred stones of Westfalia, symbolizing the route of return. In the great gathering hall in this castle of Armanenschaft Initiation, where the symbol of the Black Sun was inlaid in the floor, there hung from the ceiling, in suspended animation over one of the portals, a great stone from the legendary Temple of the Externsteine. At the end of time, our Volk Leader will return for the Wild Hunt (Wildes Heer), with his Final Battalion, astride a White Horse, Sleipnir, his eight-legged steed. He will be the Last Avatar, also known as Wotan and Visnu- Kalki. This time He will come to conquer and to judge. Miguel Serrano 20 April 111 Valparaiso, Chile. ...

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