Veronica Clark - Black Nazis II !

Authors : Veronica Clark - Krampe Hans
Title : Black Nazis II ! Ethnic Minorities and Foreigners in Hitler's Armed Forces : An Unbiased History
Year : 2010

Link download :

Countless non-Germans and foreigners, including thousands of Jews and Africans, fought for the Nazis in World War II. While many were coerced into doing so, the majority volunteered to fight. So, how and why did so many non-German ethnic minorities and foreigners fight for the Nazis in World War II? This study answers these questions, among others, by re-examining the Third Reich from an entirely new perspective. The significance of this study is three-pronged. First and most importantly, Axis history has for too long focused on the Germans and their importance to the Axis' efforts. This analysis has explored the bigger picture; that is, the role that non-Germans played. Until now, these "other" players have received short shrift. Secondly, this study explores what non-Whites thought about the Third Reich and their service in the German Armed Forces. Their thoughts and insights regarding the Third Reich and its war effort remain unexplored. The German military, like all Western military forces at that time, served as a "vehicle of change." Lastly, Adolf Hitler's racial ambivalence has never been seriously addressed by any historian. Ms. Clark has carefully pieced together Hitler's true racial outlook. You will be shocked by what she has found! Indeed, these generally ignored aspects of World War II, which are so important to understanding the complexities and dynamics of race relations in Nazi Germany, have finally been explored in-depth by historian Veronica Clark. You will come away from her book with a fresh new view of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, and the German war effort. This is the "new" new history of the Third Reich. ...

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