A Woman in Berlin

Author : Anonymous
Title : A Woman in Berlin Diary 20 April 1945 to 22 June 1945
Year : 1945

Link download : A_Woman_in_Berlin.zip

Evokes her situation with tense immediacy . . . (it) is both an important work of social history and a remarkable human document. The diarist's spirit rises from the ashes of degradation as she reasserts her belief in her own physical strength and, ultimately, her wish to survive. Mark Bostridge, Independent on Sunday. An extraordinary diary, an astounding piece of writing that we should be incredibly grateful survived . . . it is raw and as a result completely impossible to put down . . . It is so rare to be able to read the minutiae of a woman's life in such extraordinary circumstances. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the page. Viv Groskop, Sunday Express. Reading A Woman in Berlin in one afternoon is an unnerving sensory experience: the walls close in, the air thickens, shrieks from children playing nearby adopt a sinister air. This is an allenveloping book, a lyrical personal journal . . . it leaves a deep scar. Simon Garfield, Observer. This is a book that does not go away when you've read the final page . . . a gift of the utmost value to historians and students of the period. Her journalistic training is evident from her economy of language and eye for the telling detail, but her extraordinary lack of self pity is all her own. Cressida Connolly, Daily Telegraph. ...

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