Coelho Paulo - The Winner Stands Alone

Author : Coelho Paulo
Title : The Winner Stands Alone
Year : 2009

Link download :

One of the recurrent themes in my books is the importance of paying a price for your dreams. But to what extent can our dreams be manipulated? For the past few decades, we have lived in a culture that privileged fame, money, power—and most people were led to believe that these were the real values that they were to pursue. What we don’t know is that, behind the scenes, the real manipu lators remain anonymous. They understand that the most effective power is the one that nobody can notice—until it is too late, and you are trapped. The Winner Stands Alone is about this trap. In this book, three of the four main characters face this ordeal: Igor, a Russian millionaire, who believes that he can kill if he has a good reason for it—such as avoiding human suffering, or bringing back the attention of the woman he loves. Hamid, a fashion magnate, who starts with good intentions, until he gets caught up by the very system he was trying to use. Gabriela, who—like most people today—is convinced that fame is an end in and of itself, the supreme reward in a world that praises celebrity as the highest achievement in life. With these characters in mind, I wrote The Winner Stands Alone not a thriller, but a crude portrait of where we are now. Paulo Coelho. ...

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