Riis-Knudsen Povl Heinrich - National socialism A left-wing movement

Author : Riis-Knudsen Povl Heinrich
Title : National socialism A left-wing movement
Year : 2010

Link download : Riis-Knudsen_Povl_Heinrich_-_National_socialism_A_left-wing_movement.zip

For far too many years it has been widely accepted that National Socialists are extreme right- wingers, and only rarely have they hestitated to refer to themselves as such. At a certain point, however, it became the official policy of the World Union of National Socialists to avoid the term "right-wing," claiming that National Socialism does not fit into the pattern of "right" and "left" and instead ought to be considered as standing above this distinction. This most certainly was a step in the right direction, but at this time and within the context of the current struggle it might, however, be a good idea to reconsider the whole question about political wings and make a few points clear concerning the meaning of the terms "right" and "left" and their application to today's political scene. Historically, the words" right" and. !left'' in reference to ( .political views originated in_, pre-revolutionary France, where i those who wanted to preserve the system of government more or less as it was sat to the. Right in the Natjonal Assembly, whereas those who wanted more radical changes sat to the left. Hence, the term "right" for the reactionaries and "left" for the revolutionaries— terms that have since become universally known and used. Neither the word "reactionary" nor the word "revolutionary," however, says anything universal about the particular views in question. They are both relative and receive their specific meaning only within a given historical context. The revolutionaries of former times, as for instance, the European National Liberals of the 19th century, do not seem very revolutionary today—quite the contrary!— just as .today's reactionaries would have been considered very revolutionary 200 years ago. When the Communists took over in Russia in 1917 they did so as revolutionaries out to overthrow an ineffective and corrupt regime, whereas today they represent the reactionary establishment facing a new revolutionary challenge. In our time the traditional left wing is predominantly Marxist —even to such a degree that the very term "left wing" is thought to be synonymous with the word "Marxist." This, of course, has no basis in reality. Any revolutionary is a left-winger—it is just that the Marxists have had so little competition that they have been able to appropriate the term. On the other side of the political spectrum we have the right wing, consisting of reactionaries who want to preserve the present society and the so-called Christian civilization of the West with its materialism and capitalism. The rightwingers stand up for traditional patriotic values: they are good Christians and good citizens who defend the Constitution and are loyal to their country and their monarch, if they have one. They are willing to go to war against any other nation to assert the greatness of their own—even if it means waging a nuclear war against another White country if they think its system of government threatens their own domestic order, no matter how corrupt and degenerate it may be. They are for an economy based on unrestricted free enterprise, regardless of the .consequences, but they resent the Liberal trend in politics as well as immigration and racial integration, because they fear any changes that could upset the order to which they are accustomed. ...

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