Cooper Harry - Escape from the Bunker

Author : Cooper Harry
Title : Escape from the Bunker The escape of Adolf Hitler & Martin Bormann from the Führer Bunker as told by Nazi Spy Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco
Year : 2010

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This book is the faithful transcription of a 1984 letter from a man I knew through my organization Sharkhunters which focuses on the authentic history of WWII submarines and their captains and crews from all nations in KTB magazine. This fellow wrote me a letter one day teling me a fanciful story of his experience as a World War II spy and "Nazi smuggler." He had a code name and everything. He claimed he was a Spaniard and that his name was Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco. He claimed he smuggled Hitler's "second," Martin Bormann, out of the Berlin bunker and got him safely to South America. He claimed that in 1953 he met a man those around him called "the Fuhrer." The man bore an uncanny likeness to an aging Adolf Hitler. Don Angel said he knew all the details of Hitler's escape from Berlin: Hitler had been drugged and secreted away by agents chosen for the task. The "dead Hitler" was nothing more than a double. After that his adventures with Bormann began. The claims were so fantastic but so fascinating I checked him out through the many surviving WWII contacts I still have who are members of Sharkhunters. He was who he said he was. And his story was quite plausible. The more I read the manuscript spending hours with other experts trying to poke holes in the story the more I realized there was a very good chance this man was telling me the truth. Now I know he was. Here is Don Angel's story. HARRY COOPER Founder of SHARKHUNTERS. About the Editor Born and raised in Chicago and the western suburbs, Harry Cooper joined the United States Air Force right out of Proviso High School. After six months intensive training in special weapons at Lowry Air Force Base (Denver) he was mis-assigned to Chanute Air Force Base, only 100 miles from his home. To his very good luck, he was assigned to the base swimming pool as a lifeguard, working one day on and one day off, making it easy to go home every second day. When the summer ended, Harry requested a transfer to an active base and was assigned (possibly sentenced is a better word) to the 98th Bomb Wing at Lincoln Air Force Base just outside Lincoln, Nebraska. After spending two and a half years working with special weapons, and since he always wanted to be a fighter pilot, he applied for Officer's Candidate School as he neared his 21st birthday. He was the only one of me 30 who passed the tough two-day long battery of tests, and he was assigned to an O.C.S. class. His pilot's physical gave him a clean slate to fly, but luck was not with him. The Air Force was so overloaded with pilots from World War II and Korea that Air Cadets had been shut down. Harry could be an officer, but not a fighter pilot. He was then honorably discharged from the Air Force and went to college where he earned his BS in Business Administration and began his career in the Chicago area. Since he could not enter into aerial combat, he chose the next best thing—he went into auto racing. He first tried his hand at drag racing and while driving for a friend, he was Class Champion 11 weeks out of 22—pretty good. But the following year, he drove his own car and out of the next 26 weeks, he was Class Champion 26 times and Little Stock Eliminator four times, setting some national records along the way. Then his heart turned to the oval tracks and after three successful years at the short tracks around Chicago, where he also gave the racing news on the "Motorsports International" television show, he moved up to the big tracks & raced against A. J. Foyt, the Unser Brothers, Johnny Rutherford and other great racers. He was a Feature Editor at Stock Car Racing Magazine during his racing years doing 'behind the wheel' racing reports as well as writing monthly columns for major American and Australian racing magazines. He was an executive for a Chicago based firm as well. Things changed drastically in 1976. His crew chief left for a job in the normal world, his assistant crew chief quit to open his own auto parts store and his best crew member quit to join the Air Force. While running the 1976 Texas 500 in the lead pack with A. J. Foyt, Johnny Rutherford, Al Unser, Bobby Unser, Gordy Johncock and Johnnie Rutherford - his engine blew! On the way back to Chicago, the engine in the transporter truck blew. It was not a good sign. The final straw was when he got to work the next day and found that his superior had left the company and his new boss was a corporate executive for whom Harry had no respect. It was time for a major change! Harry sold everything he owned, bought a 30-foot sailing yacht (he knew nothing about sailing) and went to live the quiet life in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. This was to change his life and in fact, the history of the War at Sea itself. It was there that he became interested in the U-Bootwaffe. While cruising in the southern Bahamas, Harry stopped at a strange island that had been a working plantation during the war. There were the ruins of a mansion atop a hill, the remains of a barracks building and a radio shack nearby. The old caretaker told him a few German U-Boats had stopped there for fresh water and food during the war. That put the hook in Harry and once he returned to Chicago, he began to research the U-Boat portion of WWII and has since become the preeminent expert in the world on the subject. Returning eventually to the business world, he became Regional Vice President for a major company in Chicago, but founded Sharkhunters in 1983. By mid-1987, he realized that it would be impossible to keep a regular job and then spend all the time necessary to contact the veterans, dig in the files, visit the veterans to interview them and all the other tasks necessary to preserving this history honestly. He made a tough decision. On Friday, July 31, 1987, he turned in the keys to his 12 offices around Illinois and quit his high-paying executive job, just two weeks after getting a nice raise in salary. His wife of just two years was most surprised with this decision and even more surprised (maybe shocked) to learn that they were going to move to Florida to do this research full time and at no salary. She was not convinced at all, since they were to have then first child in less than four months and now there was no insurance and no security, but this had to be done! Fortunately, it succeeded and Sharkhunters has the great distinction of being the preeminent source for the history of the WWII U-Bootwaffe. See Harry belonged to the Adventurer's Club in Chicago (Editor of the Club newsletter), member of the Chicago Press Club and the International Press Club. He wrote "Sponsorship" as a guide for motor racers to get sponsorship and also "1001 Things to do in Florida for Free." He's listed in "Who's Who in America" and also "Who's Who of American Business Leaders" and in 2006 was nominated as "Man of the Year" by the American Biographical Institute. He also spent ten years with the United States Coast Guard (Aux.) achieving the final position of Flotilla Commander with a rank similar to full Lieutenant. In conjunction with this research, Harry has met and become friends with most of the U-Boat skippers, many of the crewmen, the American submarine skippers and crewmen as well as many world leaders. ...

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