Mullins Eustace Clarence - Mullins' New History of the Jews

Author : Mullins Eustace Clarence
Title : Mullins' New History of the Jews
Year : 1968

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Throughout the history of civilization, one particular problem of mankind has remained constant. In all of the vast records of peace and wars and rumors of wars, one great empire after another has had to come to grips with the same dilemma . . . the Jews. Despite the persistence of this problem, and despite the enormous amount of literature on this subject, not one writer, either pro or con, has ever faced the dilemma at its source. . . namely, who are the Jews and why are they here? This question can be answered only if man brings to bear upon it his full intelligence. This question must also be approached on the highest spiritual level, with the deepest motives of Christian charity, and above all, with the greatest respect for man himself, what he is, what his roots are, and what he is becoming. The history of man is the history of conflict, of wars between the haves and the have-nots, of exploitation of man by man, and of terrible massacres. In this blood-stained record, however, the scholar finds only one people who have aroused the most violent antagonisms, no matter where they have settled. Only one people has irritated its host nations in every part of the civilized world to the point that the host has turned against them and killed them or driven them out. This people is called the Jews. The problem has been misunderstood because group antagonisms are encountered in many countries. Massacres of the Creeks by the Turks occurred sporadically over thousands of years, with the last such incident taking place only a generation ago and affecting the lives of many of those living today. The massacres of the Huguenots in France several hundred years ago proved that people of the same blood, set against each other by religious differences, could be as terrible as the conflicts between differing racial groups. After these massacres, however, the groups always settled down once more to the business of living. Either the differences were reconciled, or the remainder of the victims went elsewhere to live. In the case of the Huguenots, the refugees provided the stock from which came most of the leading thinkers of the American Revolution. In only one instance can we find no evidence of a reconciliation or of the victims emigrating permanently to other countries. The history of the Jews demonstrates two things; first, that there has never been a reconciliation between them and their hosts; second, that no nation has ever succeeded in barring them permanently. Even more surprising is the fact that in every case where the Jews were expelled from a nation, often under conditions of great suffering, within a few years, the Jews have returned! Again one can find no parallel in the historical records of other groups, this strange compulsion, this incredible persistence in putting their heads into the lion's mouth again and again. It has been suggested that the explanation lies in an odd and perverse characteristic of the Jews, their willingness to endure suffering, but the idea of group masochism fails to explain many other facets of the Jewish problem. In truth, like the answers to many of man's problems, the solution to the Jewish problem has been before us for more than two thousand years. It is we who have been unable to see it because we have refused to face this problem honestly. The Jewish problem is an essential aspect of Christianity, and we can solve it merely by accepting the solution which Christ offered us, and in so doing, gave up His human life, some two thousand years ago. The story of Christ is the story of mankind, the thrilling experience of finding redemption, the salvation of the soul. The Jew represents all of the temptations of animal existence which it is intended that we shall transcend during our stay on earth. Because of the Jew, salvation becomes a conscious choice, instead of an involuntary or accidental decision. Without the Jew and the evils which he embodies, man might not have the choice placed before him in black and white. He would have the excuse that he did not understand the choice he was asked to make. With the presence of the Jew, no such excuse can be made. In the civilized world, at some point in his life, every man is faced with the supreme temptation, he is taken to the top of the mountain by Satan, the pleasures and delights of physical existence are spread out before him, and Satan says, ' All this, and more, will be yours if you will obey me.' A majority of those who command wealth and power in the civilized world of today are those who have accepted Satan's offer, who have renounced the possibility of the salvation of their souls through Jesus Christ. ...

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