Farrell Joseph Patrick - The SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Author : Farrell Joseph Patrick
Title : The SS Brotherhood of the Bell The Nazis' incredible secret technology NASA’s Nazis, JFK, and Majic-12
Year : 2005

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In the preface to my previous book on wartime German secret weapons, Reich of the Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons and the Cold War Allied Legend, I mentioned my youthful reaction to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and my perplexity with the subsequent findings of the Warren Commission and its “lone nut magic bullet” theory. I then proceeded to mention another curious anomaly of the history I had learned in school, namely, the fact that the U.S. military had not tested the uranium “shot-gun” atom bomb it had dropped on Hiroshima. The mention of those two odd events in that Preface was not accidental nor merely a whim, for the two events are not unrelated. Indeed, they are not even loosely unrelated, as there are direct threads - and in some cases whole cables - connecting both. I am not the first author to draw attention to the pervasive Nazi connections lurking in the background of the JFK assassination, nor, I imagine, will I be the last. The well-known conspiracy theorist and JFK assassination researcher Mae Brussell was perhaps the first major “alternative researcher” to speak out about this aspect of the assassination. Others followed in her wake, adding a detail here or a story there, but it was Brussell who first courageously unearthed the most sensational details. Notwithstanding her ability to ferret out the detailed connections of conspiracy, however, even she managed to miss perhaps the most important lynch-pin connecting Nazis, the Roswell episode, and one possible motivation for the JFK assassination: Nazi technology. However, to the average reader, even one predisposed to believe in some sort of conspiracy involved with the cold-blooded murder of President Kennedy, the idea that there is a Nazi connection must seem to stretch credulity. Even Brussell urged that to draw such connections would have been beyond the wildest yarn of Robert Ludlum, popular and well-known writer of espionage thrillers throughout the 1970s and 1980s. But to maintain a connection between all that and to Roswell, the establishment of the MAJIC-12 group, and indeed, the establishment of the whole “national security” intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government, would seem to stretch credulity to the snapping point. But that, indeed, is what I believe in part to be the case. And that case is what this book is, in part, about. But here, as in Reich of the Black Sun, the focus is not only on the implications of Nazi survival and the possibility that its secret weapons projects were continued independently of any of the governments of the post-war world. We shall also continue the detailed comparison of the wartime development of exotic physics and technologies by the Nazis, with the technologies of “recovered craft” outlined in the MAJIC-12 documents that was begun in Reich of the Black Sun, for new documentary evidence has come to my attention since its publication, and this in turn compels further investigation, an investigation that was begun in chapters 16 and 17 of the previous book. As will be seen in the main body of this work, these documents almost nowhere evidence the type of contradictory data-sets encountered in the MAJIC-12 documents examined in Reich of the Black Sun, but rather, speak more directly to a terrestrial, though unknown, origin for the recovered craft. And in at least one instance, a MAJIC-12 document clearly points the finger to Nazi Germany, and even casts an aura of suspicion on the all-too-convenient death of General Patton. When these details are compared with the known developments of Nazi secret weapons research, the picture is quite disturbing. Even more disturbing is why such documents and their terrestrial origin implications continue to be ignored by the North American UFOlogy community. As such, this book is, like the previous one, a book about the exotic weapons the Nazis were developing, but unlike the previous one, it is more about the underlying, and quite monstrous, physics they were developing as a basis for these weapons. Likewise, this book is also about the implications of that physics and those weapons for recent politics and history. As we shall see, this physics has strong ties with the “scalar” non-linear “electro-acoustic” waves and thinking developed first by Tesla, and subsequently elaborated by Nazi and Soviet physicists, and also to the type of physics I have posited was the basis underlying my three books on the Great Pyramid and the weapon hypothesis, The Giza Death Star, The Giza Death Star Deployed, and The Giza Death Star Destroyed. The scientists and mathematicians in Nazi Germany that began the groundbreaking and revolutionary work in this type of physics were in the uttermost lofty reaches of the classification system of the SS. The group of scientists and engineers investigating this monstrous new physics and its implied technologies were an elite band, a “brotherhood” within the black brotherhood of the SS that I call simply “the SS Brotherhood of the Bell.” Their credo, forced on some by the Nazi ideology and readily embraced by others, was the development of a whole new paradigm of physics, free of the constraints of relativity and “Jewish physics.” And develop it they did. It is therefore in the complex interface of history and technology that this book, like the previous one, lives. Therefore some may contrive to dismiss this work as even more speculative than its predecessor. In this respect, while always believing the Kennedy assassination to have been the work of a conspiracy, I myself came to entertain a possible Nazi involvement rather late, preferring, like most, to see a network of “coalescing interests” comprising the Mafia, disenchanted CIA and possibly FBI elements, and highlevel business and banking interests as being behind it, united for a brief moment, to achieve a common and horrible goal. Certainly such elements, particularly in the murky connection between government and “big business” and, most importantly, “banking,” would have the necessary clout and influence to maintain a cover-up down to our day. But the motivation for such an ongoing cover-up remains unclear. Until one adds in Nazis and advanced technology that, in its benign aspect, promises an end to current energy technologies and the geopolitical order that they impose and threatens the complete upheaval of the global economic “order”, and that, in its malevolent aspect, is black with the dark promise of truly planet-busting weapons utterly beyond the wildest thermonuclear fantasies of an Edward Teller or Andrei Sakharov. Add to this mix elements within the federal government running on the fumes of fear and in thrall to globalist corporate oligarchies intent on public suppression and secret development of alternative physics and energy systems, and one has a coalescence of interests that would have strong motivations for murdering a President who gave repeated signals that he was prepared to dismantle all of it, or at least bring significant parts of it out into the open. Some may therefore dismiss this work as an exercise in paranoia, and perhaps it is. But given the history of governments in modern times, one can never be too paranoid. After all, they are. And as a lesson of paranoia with global ambitions, the Nazi regime of the Third Reich is without peer. It takes genuine crazed paranoia to lead a nation the size of the state of Texas to conquer Europe and wage war with most of the rest of the world for six years, and then to plan, in the midst of it all and with customary German thoroughness and organization, for a continuance of Nazism after the war. But it took likewise a paranoia without peer to dream of a physics with so much flexibility, not only with a potential planet-busting capability but also with an endless promise in the fields of energy and propulsion, and then to proceed to begin the theoretical and experimental spade work to bring that physics to practical and realizable weapons and propulsion systems. As this book avers, by the time of the German surrender, they had made sufficient progress in their work that it was continued by them after the war in a number of “host” countries, including the Soviet Union, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, and, yes, (West) Germany. But there are other reasons that have made this sequel necessary. The first of these was my acquisition of some of the wartime papers of physicists mentioned in Reich of the Black Sun. Acquisition of these papers has caused me to correct certain inaccuracies in the previous book and has raised new questions. Secondly, the excellent series on Hitler’s “victory weapons,” German author Friedrich Georg’s Hitlers Siegeswaffen series, has continued with the recent appearance, just last year, of his research into German long-range rocketry, guidance systems, and nascent space program. This research, placed in the wider context of SS projects in radical physics, raises new questions about the “Allied Legend” that were first raised in Reich of the Black Sun. Georg’s research, as we shall see, also raises important questions not only regarding what was going on at Peenemünde in the final weeks of the war, but also important questions directly calling into question Lt. Col. Corso’s account of the Roswell affair in his famous book The Day After Roswell. Equally important, Polish military researcher Igor Witkowski’s superb research into all aspects of German secret weapons has finally been published in a single volume in English entitled The Truth About the Wunderwaffe. Needless to say, the material in Witkowski’s book on the SS’s most secret project, The Bell, greatly expands the amount of information available in English. The emergence of Witkowski’s research in English would, in and of itself, require a sequel to Reich of the Black Sun. I therefore rely heavily on Witkowski’s magisterial research in this work. Witkowski’s research likewise also raises serious questions and doubts about Col. Corso’s assertion that “ET” technology was gradually seeded into American industry after the Roswell incident. And of course, Witkowski’s research forms the essential foundation for any examination of the Bell and the exotic physics it may represent. As will be apparent in the main body of this work, however, I have cast the Bell and the physics it may represent in a very different interpretive and admittedly much more radical and speculative a context than does Witkowski. It seems to me that this was necessary both because of the type of signature effects it seemed to have, but also because of the indications that the Germans were investigating a type of physics called by various names, but which, following the suggestion of Tom Bearden’s research into this subject, I have called “scalar” physics. Such physics represents not only a new and efficient energy source, but also perhaps the ultimate power for destruction. Therefore, its continued and perhaps independent development by various criminal conspiracies and syndicates may indeed have been one of the penultimate factors and motivations in the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Finally, Carter Plymton Hydrick’s excellent research has finally been published in book form, Critical Mass: How Nazi Germany Surrendered Enriched Uranium for the United States’ Atomic Bomb. Since there are slight revisions in this work from the internet version I first relied on in Reich of the Black Sun, revisions that themselves compel new speculations - many from Hydrick himself - it seemed appropriate that this work was the best place to address some of these issues. In any case, Hydrick’s work remains a standard in this alternative history of World War Two secret weapons that, like Witkowski’s or Meyer and Mehner’s research, simply cannot and must not be ignored by the serious inquirer into this suppressed and hidden history and science. Finally, a word must be said about my own personal attitude towards and “philosophy” of UFOs, lest the contents of this book be taken to represent it in toto. First, I wish to make it abundantly clear that I am not philosophically opposed to the idea of extraterrestrial life, nor, for that matter, to the idea of life-forms that inhabit “higher dimensions” or “planes of existence.” That being said, I am similarly not opposed to the idea that such life forms may have visited, and may be visiting, the Earth. However, I am convinced, by a reading of various “contactee” and “abduction” reports, that much of this phenomenon is of a profoundly spiritual, and - dare I say it - evil nature. With these broad remarks in mind, then what of actual UFOs? That is, what do I make of those reports that clearly indicate actual advanced “craft” themselves? While I am also convinced that there are many genuine reports, and even some even more stunning NASA space shuttle footage, by the same token, in but few cases do I personally detect a physics and performance signature that compels to any “extra-terrestrial”, that is to say, extra-solar system origin for the phenomenon. I do not deny the extreme performance characteristics, only that in most cases the characteristics reported still fall short of anything practical for interstellar travel. Moreover, I fully realize that to connect some of the phenomena and documentary evidence to Nazis is a decidedly unpopular view in the UFOlogy community, over-populated as it is by any number of well-known names that push the ET hypothesis no matter what, and even when they should know better. They produce their documents, and argue quite persuasively for their authenticity, and then go on to argue on the basis of their contents that the ET hypothesis is the most plausible explanation for the “government UFO cover-up.” And I do not deny the strength nor the cogency of their arguments. However, as I shall show, there are other documents that argue against that hypothesis, equally persuasively, that will never be mentioned by those well-known names at their conferences, for they clearly imply a “Nazi angle” to the story, even if “ET” is left in the picture. By the same token, my use of the “Nazi Legend” to reinterpret the MAJIC-12 story and Colonel Corso’s The Day After Roswell may be misunderstood as well. Accordingly, I do not believe the “Nazi Legend” explains all UFO sightings for the simple reason that there are far too many of them for this source to be the origin of all of them. It explains only a limited number of cases, during a limited time frame in selected locations. Likewise, it explains some of the motivations of those who suppress “the truth about UFOs” but certainly not all the motivations. But however I attempt to limit misunderstandings, I nonetheless do not expect this book will have me invited to any UFO conferences any time in the near future, nor, for that matter, will it endear me to many practiced in the “esoteric sciences” for reasons that will become obvious in the main body of the work. It thus only remains for the reader to judge if a solid prima facie case has been made for the largely speculative reconstruction that now follows. Joseph P. Farrell. 2005. ...

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