Halsell Grace - Prophecy and Politics

Author : Halsell Grace
Title : Prophecy and Politics Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War
Year : 1986

Link download : Halsell_Grace_-_Prophecy_and_Politics.zip

The Battle of Armageddon. Starting in 1980, I made a habit of tuning into Jerry Palwell's OId Time Gospel Hour each Sunday on TV. To learn more about Falwell's Armageddon theology, and to know to what extend his followers think as he does, I signed to go on a 1983 Jerry Falwell-sponsored tour of the Holy Land. l was one of 630 Christians who flew out of New York to Tel Aviv, where we were divided in to groups of about 50. Each of us was assigned to a certain bus, with a designated lsraeli guide. After an overnight rest in Tel Aviv, we were on our buses. ...

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