The Barnes Review - Volume 08 Number 1

Author : The Barnes Review
Title : Volume 08 Number 1
Year : 2002

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5 Machiavelli & the Ethics of Control DR. M. RAPHAEL JOHNSON His book The Prince knocked down a hornets’ nest, due to the many controversial statements it contained. Are today’s American ruling elites Machiavelli’s greatest disciples? . . . 11 America’s Greatest Generation? ALEX S. PERRY JR. News reader Tom Brokaw claims Americans were gung-ho to go off to fight the Japanese and the Ger - mans after Pearl Harbor. But, in spite of (or is it be - cause of?) his seven million-dollar-a-year salary, Bro - kaw is not telling it like it was. . . . 21 The Crematoria at Auschwitz RUSSELL GRANATA A detailed analysis of the data available regarding the crematoria of Auschwitz-Birkenau proves that the theories (or, more accurately, fables) of mass executions in the so-called “death camp” are actually nothing but a house of cards, with each card being a falsehood. . . . 29 The Return of “Mr. Death” FRED LEUCHTER Fred Leuchter, America’s leading expert on gas chambers and other modes of capital punishment, explains how he became a Revisionist and the trials he had to suffer for telling the truth. Here’s his paper delivered to last year’s TBR conference. . . . 32 The Very First Republic of Texas FRANK JACKSON A little-remembered but still exciting chapter of Texas history is brought to light. . . . 35 FDR’s Favorite Commie DR. M. RAPHAEL JOHNSON In fighting Nazi Germany, was “Uncle Joe” Stalin mere - ly defending the motherland, or is that a false scenario? A book review. . . . 43 Adolf Hitler’s Tragic Life R.M. WEST To be acceptable to the establishment, you practically have to dismiss Adolf Hitler as a devil in human form. What made this ever-controversial German leader tick? Was he out to conquer the world? . . . 51 “City of the Gods” Emerges from Cambodian Rainforest JOHN TIFFANY A lost city of temples was found in Cambodia in the 19th century. So grand were the remaining ruins that the natives, who had only vague knowledge of the mysterious city themselves, believed it must have been built by gods or giants. . . . 55 A Look Into the Private Journals of an American Icon MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER Unusual insights into the thinking of “Lucky Lindy,” the famous flier, are provided by his daily journals from World War II. . . . 63 A Cancer Infects the National Socialist Party in the Form of Röhm WAFFEN SS GEN. LEON DEGRELLE The radical Nazi Ernst Röhm and moderate leader Adolf Hitler both wanted to establish a new kind of German army. But they found themselves on a collision course, thanks to Röhm’s continuing provocations. . . . 67 Unforeseen Consequences of Yalta ROBERT L. LOGAN After making hypocritical promises about their glowing and altruistic war aims, the Big Three got down to real business at Yalta and a vindicative, barbarous powerfest to upend the world began. Unfortunately, the power of Josef Stalin had been underestimated. . . . ...

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