Van Helsing Jan - Secret societies and their power in the 20th century

Author : Van Helsing Jan (Holey Jan Udo)
Title : Secret societies and their power in the 20th century A guide through the entanglements of lodges with high finance and politics. Trilateral commission. Bilderberg. CFR. UNO
Year : 1995

Link download :

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn as “Narrator” or “commentator”. Typist is Dharma(DJE). This is for identification, please. Into or hands had been placed a remarkable document with permission to share as we see fit. I acknowledge the author-researcher of this document even though he remains unidentified as to “true identification”. Truthbringers must come under what protection they can gain for selves and we owe immeasurable appreciation to those whose investigations lead them onward in spite of the risks that research brings. The document speaks for itself, please. I prefer to leave the information as written and without further comment on same as to personages except to say that the copy we have been provided is from Spain – having traveled through translators and researchers in Germany, Switzerland and even by way of Australia and those aforementioned UFO characters. See, there truly ARE others in the program without taking identifications which are false or remote in CLAIMS of holdings. I repeat the WE HAVE NEVER VARIED ONE IOTA from our assigned task (mission), no matter how many might deviate from their “claimed” direction of intent. As for this book in point, we would ask a couple of things, for this will be a “refresher” course in preparation for the next PHASE of the project under way. 1) The book is BANNED and we respect the danger to the author(s). Therefore, the cost for same off the shelves IS PRICELESS. It has been presented from the original presenters in request that it be allowed to work within our own projects and that source be so far remote in origin as to use devious means to get it to this keyboard operator we recognize as “dharma” and in which I, Hatonn, have request for comment as we go along word for word, and not run through “scanners”. AND 2) To insure a continuation of CONTACT, directly request to handle the material and documents: Please do not bypass the information by simply gathering clandestinely from our resources. The book itself, under the most inexpensive method of acquiring, is worth for more in “real” expenses than the cost of a subscription to CONTACT AS A SUBSCRIBER. No, Mr. “Bellringer”, you will not get by with describing “some of the staff of CONTACT AS BEING SOMEHOW SEPARATE AND APART FROM DISCREDITED HATONN, DORIS AND E.J. Sorry, after all this time of foolishness, you will find for self how incredibly stupid you present in your ongoing hogwash about the quality of SPECTRUM. Is it not time you got your heads on straight, readers? How, pray tell, could you judge the scribe a lie while the staff is no different from our own presentations? You CANNOT have one without the other. Do we want Spectrum’s Subscribers? No, but we are certainly weary of the theft of presentations and you had best think about that EVERY TIME YOU SEE A REFERENCE TO “OUR LONG-TIME READERS” BY ANY SUCH “OTHER” PRESENTER. I repeat: We have never deviated one iota from our intent as stated at upstart. If there are “long-time readers”, YOU ARE CONTACT READERS – AND SHIFTY WORDS WILL CHANGE NOTHING AS “NOW” BEING TOLD YOU. Furthermore, our old friends who never had options of making a choice if they went “with” The Spectrum Group, must be given a chance for reconsideration of their position. When Satan stirs the pot, beware the brew! ...

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