A Phoenix journal - 106

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 106
Year : 1991

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_106.zip

INTRODUCTION. REC #1 HATONN. THU., MAY 16, 1991 9:38 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 273. THU., MAY 16, 1991. I come as a brother, Dharma—but most of all, I come as a FRIEND for there can be no higher brotherhood. I shall keep your confidence; I will hold your hand whilst you “choose” and I will love you—I will NOT interfere NOR intervene without ultimate petition and then permission, and I will do nothing FOR you unless it be to carry you when you are too weary to go farther for this, in turn, is that which the Father does for ME! He has given unto us wonders beyond description and the ability to “create” from that which appears not to be—then He commands that WE act and choose accordingly. I am Hatonn sent to clear the path and bear one of the lamps for safe passage. I ask that this writing serve as “Introduction” to the JOURNAL in conclusion currently. There remains such misperceptions of which ones long to have clarity and, yet, without a foundation of knowledge of how it IS, there can be no understanding. The recent writings and the Journal in conclusion deal with some pretty difficult subjects to coalesce into oneness for the fragments need further amalgamation and merging. SPACEMAN CONNECTIONS As most of you read this you will ask, “Why haven’t you told us THIS before?” Because we are not playing metaphysical games nor star tiddle-de-winks. There is a manifested physical dimension in which you are existing and functioning. You do not know (or remember as the case is) the universal laws for you don’t even know the real laws on your place. But it is time to speak of some things which will be difficult for some of you for many take the words coming forth in Truth, from whatever source, and do very well— until you plaster YOUR name on the documents and project some steadfast names and dates. The training of a receiver is a long and tedious process and I offer no negative to you who are receiving great and wondrous things—I only ask you to remember guidelines and beware—for the one who is evil will be the first to contact and contract with you. If you present a document to all the brethren such as I have received from several and name the association to be of God—be most careful for you are often simply being used and will greatly damage ones who do not know otherwise and become the laughing point of ones who do KNOW OTHERWISE. CLUES. I have one who has sent one of the most beauteous documents I have ever read and I feel the growth within the being and the truthful thrust of intent to serve. Most ones simply do not know HOW to disconnect from self and, yet, what is wrong with utilizing your own wondrous gift of understanding and accept responsibility for that which is your own God within? I do not know how to respond without appearing to be offending and my intent is anything but that for I have a “live” and willing participant and I frankly do not wish to lose him to the egotistical path of Earth. Neither can I allow, with my own sanctions, something to go forth which bears errors and are supposedly spoken by “God”. There are things to watch for in writing and receiving and guidelines laid forth for any “speaker”—so beware ones who call themselves God, Aton, Maitreya, Christos, Wakan Tanka, Grandfather, etc. For these ones bear great energy and They don’t really care for errors in pronouncements of Their intent. Anything that limits God or places sanctions or specifics is usually not of God source. I say “usually” for the “testing” might well be laid forth in full intent to trap the receiver and/or Hatonn for allowing passage of that which is not fully understood or laid forth. If it comes not into my attention it is not of my responsibility but this has come directly to me for comment. So, P.P., you have presented a choice of 1. CHANGE YOUR WAYS; 2. GET OFF THE PLANET. I need go no further—for there are a myriad of choices which include neither of these two. You write that God “prefers” non-intervention—nay, son, HE DOES NOT INTERVENE unless on an individual basis with petition from the individual. God, as such, did NOT give the documents you name (The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights), even though they were inspired. Ask the native Indians if THEY feel the documents were from God! Ask the enslaved “blacks” who were considered a “half”-a-man unit. They were guided and corrections made but still they carried forth errors even into your Bill of Rights. They are, however, the only thing left which can guide and secure freedom while you clean up your act and get back into some Grace with Creator. God participated to the extent MAN would allow of it. Man is allowed to do that which he will—but, he is also informed that he shall most certainly reap the reward of the harvest from the crop he plants. Then, you have made a most simple error which would mean naught except to your enemy who redefined the term “israel”. You have spelled that word with a capital “I” which in the mere grammatical sense indicates “a place” and not a description. You have gone on to clarify the term but your adversary would not overlook the error for you pronounce it of God and God has proclaimed that the israelites of his people, are not the Zionists—”Jews” (who are not Jews nor of Zion) who have stolen a land from Palestine. Next, you refer to the documents in point as “sacred”. This is a strong term and might well be acceptable for human evaluation—God DOES NOT consider them sacred in any form. He considers the Laws of Himself (God/as Creator) and of The Creation to be sacred—those things UNTAMPERED BY MAN. You must understand—MAN NEEDED NO OTHER LAWS THAN THOSE OF GOD AND CREATION! I wish to pick no further except for one more detail. God does not even give the moment of decision nor appearance unto crew nor to the Son who leads the pack. When it is said that “I (God) say that if you don’t cease negating life on this land or know, that as of July 4, 1991, that those who choose to continue displeasing your landlord will find them being evicted without further notice or recourse,” I must speak out. Why do I know that that is not true? Because we counsel constantly and it is not given forth as to specific times for that is exactly that which pulls man away from God’s speakers. This a clue above all clues—if a specific moment, day, etc., is given—for with God there is NO TIME AND NO SPACE. He only projects generalities and possibilities for at the moment He would give specifics more than “at this moment - -” the brotherhood of evil would meet and for that very day there would be NOTHING evil take place— so as to discount the word of God. Neither do you ones need a thousand speakers (FOR) a being—He only needs one, actually—and then He needs many to spread the Truth. ...

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