A Phoenix journal - 111

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 111
Year : 1994

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_111.zip

INTRODUCTION. INTRODUCTION OF GEORGE H. SEARES. by George H. Seares Oct. 14, 1994. I am going to take this opportunity as the “new kid on the block” to introduce myself. I am an investigative journalist who has been around that block a few times and wish to “park” where I feel I can offer the most valuable service. The first thing asked of me by my new co-workers is, “Why did you choose this little bit of paper which is always under attack?” Because, frankly, primarily and foremost is the fact that in every major publication I have served, my work was so edited and distorted as to render it all but sterile. To get anything into print without tampering I have had to go THROUGH other journalists—even to SPOTLIGHT and yet I feel every journalist has a responsibility and right to stand squarely for his own material and presentations. I am complimented and yet a bit annoyed that I am labeled “just another Hatonn”! No, I am NOT “just another Hatonn” and I would prefer that you understand that as well. In fact, my first assignment is to lessen focus on that personality in order to stop distractions. Ekkers are, as far as I can discern, in no way actively attached to this paper, either. My location will be, at home base, Las Vegas, Nevada. I will also spend a great bit of time in California where I can familiarize myself with that which has come prior to my input. Is my above label an alias? It certainly IS for I have been bashed and battered to within a quarterinch of my life and part of my family has been “taken-out”. I do not intend to allow distractions to distort the input of my work or that of the other contributors to this paper. This paper, I am promised, is going to refocus on content as a more integrated part of the journalistic subject matter pertinent to ongoing activities. I have no authority to speak on that which I am not fully privy in instructions but I am told that “Hatonn” will continue his work more in the direction of Spiritual matters, or rather, that which is Spiritually and Cosmically more pertinent to our ongoing enlightenment. Mine is journalistic investigations, corrections of bad press, close communications with such as Ronn Jackson when he is ready to more fully contribute to both the paper and ongoing activities related to such as national interests. My understanding is that there will be a major shifting away from topics of controversial nature such as aliens, E.T.s, UFOs and the like coming from parties who are, in themselves, controversial. I am continually amazed in my own experience that content of information can be all but ignored in the controversies of source and resource. I can, however, assure you that there are “these” things and “beings” and that I have had the privilege of meeting with some of them. I have also met with members of the Committee(s) covered in past information offered—and even members of Majestic 12 (MJ-12) which seems to give more controversy, even, than the other manipulative political puppet-master committees. ...

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