A Phoenix journal - 157

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 157
Year : 1995

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_157.zip

FOREWORD. REC #1 HATONN. TUE., NOV. 21, 1995 6:41 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 097. TUE., NOV. 21, 1995. We have a computer catch-22. There is a computer “filing” system which allows references to our work which separates it in some crude fashion from other resources. Many take our filing system as somehow being a “gospel” or something. We always try to identify resources to lessen confusion. For instance: the file identification of this writing is IFB11211, listed under “Hatonn” (Dharma’s computer file system), Tue., Nov. 21, 1995, 6:41 A.M., Year 9, Day 097. If there are changes, say Doris writes, or Sananda or, or, or... we try to get that recognition into the data but it is usually only identified in the body of the writing. I cannot help or change a heading after it is written and sent away to various locations for varying purposes. Dharma doesn’t know who or what will be the writer or the subject as we sit to the keyboard but there HAS TO BE A FILE FOR USE IN THE COMPUTER! I note that it is a good system for if ones wish to write to the News Desk of CONTACT, they write to Phyllis, if to the Chief Investigative Journalist, they write to Rick Martin, to the Chief Editor, Dr. Ed Young and thus and so. It seems quite acceptable to us for we are interested ONLY in the content—not the fingers who type the information. CONTACT is a NEWS PAPER; why do you ask for REVELATION? You can get all sorts of revelations from the churches or cults who offer you such leveraged and controlling power to manipulate you. Our efforts are to give you information about “what is” so that YOU can control and leverage your own participation. Does the paper make errors? If others make errors, then of course the paper makes errors! If One Who Knows, as in this journal under Fire From The Sky makes errors—then we print errors. We do try to catch them and, always, with permission, comment. We do not take liberties with another’s writings except in commentary or question. We DO choose and pick, VERY CAREFULLY, the information we use and TRY TO IDENTIFY IT SO WE CAN FOLLOW THE AUTHORS CAREFULLY AND ESTABLISH VALIDITY OR PARTIAL FICTION—OR TOTAL FICTION. As in the few portions of Death of Camelot by Ronn Jackson, we ran many segments. He claimed he was of the Secret Service team of the day and was privy, at some time, to details of the JFK assassination, even to the payoff of participants. That SHOULD be accurate enough as Mr. Jackson is a shrewd and cunning “hit man”. He never claimed to be anything else. “Grandma”, who we already knew quite well— had worked with him, played with him and had known him “back in the ‘good ol’ days’”. She not only claimed to KNOW him but stated on more than one occasion that he “scared her to death”. Well, they work together NOW so we assume the “scare” is over. They also seem to be working together on something to do with gold certificates of which we are now not longer informed as we were told to get our “ass from over the dash-board and get back to our job”. We obliged ! ...

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