A Phoenix journal - 194

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 194
Year : 1997

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_194.zip

FOREWORD. REC #1 HATONN MON., JAN. 20, 1997 7:42 A.M. YR.10, DAY 157. MON., JAN. 20, 1997 WHAT YOU DO. I have a little thought-provoker for you who have the writings flowing through each day and enjoy the sharing of minds as we venture through our collective and singular ad-ventures. Sometimes it is harsh in reception when you tarry long enough to listen and misunderstand messages. For, unless you tune your “hearing” within, you will always MISUNDERSTAND. Let us for just a short moment suppose that you are in sickness and something is wrong with you to the extent that your own body doesn’t, say, know when to go to the bathroom and relieve self or there is medication that needs moving through the system by allowing flow. Now, suppose I tell you that you need to urinate at least 18 times a day to move medication through the system so that it bathes all the inner surfaces of the urinary tract. Now, I observe you have missed a couple of hours and I say, “XX, go to the bathroom now; you have forgotten.” How does this look in written form in your enemy’s hands and reprinting? It will read, “See, they don’t even go to the bathroom unless he tells them.” DOES ANYONE GET MY POINT? I do not “spell” out things because, yes indeed, I expect YOU to get and hold your messages, THINK, and follow through. If I appear to complain or am sharp and you feel it personal, and often it is extremely personal to you who must be depended upon for the best function of the whole, then look within and FIND my meaning for I will not jeopardize anything for blathering endlessly and telling you exactly what to do. This is now or ever, unless it is mandatory. If we give our enemies nothing with which to torment us, we are less tormented. You are each given passage through living in the physical to have ability and responsibility to think, reason, select (choose) and act. Some of you have such CRITICAL roles of acting that I have to remind you from time to time to LOOK, LISTEN, SEE AND HEAR! Especially when my people are tired and hopeless to point it out and consider the seriousness of circumstances and load. I can KNOW that each of you have times of these endless, nagging, and painful decisions, but lashing out at one another when both are weary is unacceptable. Each of you think that in some measure YOUR task is less/more, easier/more difficult, less responsible/more responsible, and so it is. But let me remind you that all men expect God to make a show-and-tell while GOD, ON THE OTHER HAND, SENT YOU. God sent YOU to do that which is your appointed task and it overlaps and, yet, there has to be a “buck stops here” person in every slot lest NO ONE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING—WHICH IS MAINLY WHAT LIFE INSISTS YOU DO—TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY. ...

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