A Phoenix journal - 198

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 198
Year : 1997

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_198.zip

FOREWORD REC #1 HATONN. FRI., MAR. 14, 1997 7:32 A.M. YR.10, DAY 210. FRI., MAR. 14, 1997 THOUGHTS ON LIFE AND DEATH. There was a note to greet us this morning which read similarly to: “Foreword needed, less than 8 pages, please.” This indicates another journal, another day, another writing, another pouring forth of words and a bit of terror comes within the heart of the scribe. We are going to honor and briefly share with someone who has been in service in Australia for a very long time, and, having reached 75 years of age, he is retired from the field of battle to a well earned rest. His name? Does it matter except to we who love him? It is Alan Gourley for you who have had access to his offerings. This gives us here pause to think, for those such as Dharma and Grandma Durham, just as for instances, are beyond tired, and rest seems to come only with some kind of transition without realization of fruitful conclusion to anything, only a worsening of the stupor upon the majority of the world’s citizens. The MOMENT there is respite, another six or ten tapes are tossed into the weary laps, books are piled upon the area about the bodies, and the mind screams for silence. Each moment another seemingly less consequential insane thing happens before the settling of the last whiplash. And then the very physical beings of self cry out for the mind-control of thoughtlessness—”like the world seems to enjoy”. Ah, but ’tis not to be “ours” this journey, my friends—not THIS journey. Grandma has cancer and some days cannot function without great difficulty. Dharma’s lung problems have moved on to become chronic heart failure and each day the question to the mind is, “Will there be enough breath to get us through today?” Does life become more important when we face MORTALITY? No, not to the servants of God, for their only plea is to be allowed to continue to punch those keys until there is no life left with which to punch them. And frankly, readers, we only LIMIT what we write to accommodate the sanity of those who have to get the information following our production of the words. We will triple or quadruple the output as soon as we have the wherewithal to get other help for the processing. But you know what? The majority of the readers will complain of “too much, already!”. “What can I do?” you ask? Anything you want to do! WHO, I ASK, WROTE YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION? Are there disappointments in our lives? EVERY DAY! We have ones promising to attend some financial input—and yet, it never comes. They seem to “have it available” but it never seems to get transferred and, oh, you know the story, so why linger on about it. ...

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