A Phoenix journal - 200

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 200
Year : 1997

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_200.zip

FOREWORD REC #1 HATONN. THU., APR. 24, 1997 9:36 A.M. YR.10, DAY 251. THU, APR. 24, 1997. I will take this opportunity to thank and appreciate our adversaries for all of the wonderful help they have given us lately along with all the opportunity for public sharing and participation. We realize that the intent was certainly not to grant us “help” but rather to destroy us, but the facts are that the opportunities afforded us in public forum and information gleaned as to just WHO is involved in the assaults gives us greater advantage than anything that could have come our way. If the thought is that perhaps the adversarial cooperatives and outright lying cheats could damage us: WRONG. Nothing has damaged us for the accusations only give opportunity to confront the insidious rumors and underground “getcha” parties and ones who declare themselves as “enemies” to us but actually have caused great and major insult to those who were contacted and lied to by these schnooks. Oh yes indeed, “schnook” is a perfectly good English word meaning “adversary”. Perhaps YOU were thinking “smucks” which is a Yiddish term which is not used by myself or those who share my philosophy of responsible behavior of SELF in TRUTH with/to GOD of Lighted Thought. For the following discussion I will give great honor to Rev. Robert Schuller who certainly gave the world wonderful down-to-earth perceptions of what tough times mean and how Tough Times Don’t Last, But Tough People Do. People very carelessly use terms and apply them to individual people in IGNORANCE and failure to know of what they speak. Let us consider “leader” and “follower” as example. You can have a person, yes, who may well be selected to “lead” something or another, but in actuality WHAT DOES IT MEAN EXACTLY? What do you lead and how can you follow? Are you a “blind” being refusing input of individual thought who takes off following anyone or anything you don’t know and with whom you don’t agree at best and only use for your own purposes at worst? That intentional use of the very one you claim to be your leader is a measure of your own foolishness. LEADERSHIP: Leadership is the force that selects your dreams and sets your goals. It is the force that propels your endeavors to success. If there be “leadership” in this place it is directly relative to the TRUTH and LIGHT of HIGHER TEACHINGS and NOT of individual human demands or enforcers. GOD DOES NOT ENFORCE, NOR DOES HE “DEMAND”. HE GIVES AND HE COMMANDS; NO MORE, NO LESS. His messengers do not enforce nor do they demand SO, PLEASE, READERS, GET YOUR TERMINOLOGY CORRECT. ...

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