A Phoenix journal - 203

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 203
Year : 1997

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_203.zip

CHAPTER 1. THE NEWS DESK SPECIAL SHOCKING EVENTS OF THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING by Dr. Al Overholt 4/24/97. From the INTERNET, 4/97, (quoting:) Friends—we can count the good men/women in government as being some of the rarest of commodities on Earth, if not an almost extinct species of genus homo sapiens. I wish there was a way to hold stock shares in these distinct rarities, as the stock would soar every single day, as more and more “public servants” are exposed as seditious traitors. And I would surely be the richest woman in the world. We have serious reason to treasure, aid and abet this precious man. By helping Rep. Key, we assist ourselves foremost, not to mention our gravely embattled nation. —Kind regards, Angie. ...

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