A Phoenix journal - 220

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 220
Year : 1997

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_220.zip

CHAPTER 1 REC #1 HATONN SAT., DEC. 20, 1997 8:05 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 126. SAT., DEC. 20, 1997. Give to others that which you have and the best shall come back to you. When you realize this simple thought to be so, you will find all the answers to all other circumstances. Another thought to hold uppermost in your minds, as the barrage of revelations and prophecies is tossed out at you from a zillion Evangelists, is that you must consider that the expectation is that God will come (return, if you must) with a sword. Ah so, but what kind of a sword? A SWORD OF LIGHT! And in the fields, it is said, there will be two standing side by side and one shall be taken and the other left. “Taken” seems to me to indicate that something happens to one while the other remains pretty much unchanged. Is one vaporized and the other untouched, or is one taken into safety while the other is left to confront the death within a physical setting? What would happen if a war was presented and nobody went? Well, you won’t have to consider that for very long, for the very nature of man is to go to the war and kill the persons told to him to be his enemy. Who gets to choose the enemy? Why? How? When and where do these OTHERS choose in which place and how your own selves and offspring shall perish for THEIR cause? Is the baby in Baghdad, Iraq, YOUR ENEMY? You are killing them by the hundreds of thousands! But then, in the U.S. you murder millions more babies and simply call it abortion. God, in HIS instructions for behavior, said that ye “shall not kill”. Why ask me to describe incidents which negate that statement? I have no argument in YOUR FAVOR. ...

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