A Phoenix journal - 226

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 226
Year : 1998

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_226.zip

CHAPTER 1. THE WORLDLINE HEPTAMERON AN UNCENSORED HISTORY OF OUR ORIGINS AND OVERLORDS. PART I IN A SERIES by Calvin Burgin 2/5/98. Editor’s note: The following begins a new series from Calvin Burgin; as he explains in a footnote, Heptameron means: Heptameron (hep-tam’-e-rön): “a book or treatise containing the actions of seven days, in the style of Boccaccio’s Decameron or the Heptameron of Queen Margaret of Navarre (1492-1549)” INTRODUCTION. WHY THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN. WARNING: This book may shatter your whole concept of world history. Some will reject it out of hand as being simply too much to even consider. Many will not have the ability or willpower to understand it (it takes study). For some of you, though, your viewpoint of history is about to change drastically. I DO NOT ASK YOU TO BELIEVE ANY OF THIS. I do not believe in “belief”. All I suggest is you learn what is presented herein, think about it, and then, if you wish, tell me your viewpoint. My purpose is to search for truth, not to present a dogma. Once you learn what I know, then we have a common ground from which to learn new truth. Where I am wrong, you may detect it and help me in my pursuit of truth. “Seek, and ye shall find.” This material is for “hard-core” seekers! Some of this may be, and probably is, WRONG! In fact, some of it is contradictory because I quote sources that are contradictory. I do KNOW that historians continually change history, so I have tried to go back to find the information as close to the original event as possible and put it together into a reasonable, coherent, UNCENSORED story. The oldest events in the written history of the Western world are the Flood and the Tower of Babel events. One might include the Creation Story, except that there would have been eyewitnesses to the Flood and Babel events (assuming they actually happened). Finding eyewitnesses to the Creation might be a bit more difficult! Before one can judge whether the Flood and the Tower of Babel events were real events, one should at least become familiar with what the stories are and with what evidence is available. My purpose is to examine the evidence, see if it fits into the broader picture, and see what, if anything, can be learned. ...

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