Albrecht Katherine - McIntyre Liz - Spychips

Authors : Albrecht Katherine - McIntyre Liz
Title : Spychips How major corporations and government plan to track your every move with RFID
Year : 2006

Link download :

Everybody has a role in the RFID industry, because, as this remarkable book makes clear, we're not offered any choice about it. If you've never heard 'of RFIOs or "spychips:' it would be quite a good idea to read this book pretty soon. It's very topical. If you have any direct role within the RFIO industry, then you need to read this book instantly. Hurry. Waste not another precious moment. You won't like this book. Spychips will hurt your feelings. You will blush, and itch, and sweat, and drum your heels, and perhaps tear entire chapters out with squalls of rage, to see a work about your Industry that is so jaundiced, and uncharitable, and unflinchingly suspicious, and that makes so much effective, highly damaging, public fun at your expense. So read it, and make all your coworkers read it. You will learn a host of painful, valuable things in a hurry. For you, it may not yet be too late. ...

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