Allen Richard - Alien within

Author : Allen Richard J.
Title : Alien within
Year : 2008

Link download :

The looking glass. I often sit and wonder, often questioning the very fabric of my life, my being, my existence. I find this world at times to be a rather cold world to exist within; it is a world that is spiritually and morally detached, drifting through time detached from its origin, detached from its roots. So I will often sit and question my very being in this world, contemplating my existence in this world, while often trying to answer a very basic yet difficult question. Do I belong here, was this life a mistake? Do I have the energy to continue to exist within this world, within a world that seems so lost, a world that is so cold and detached? Do I have the energy to exist within a world where the societies are wondering around so completely lost and detached from their roots, their origin, and their spirit? A world where this detachment is causing a very real illness within our societies that we are completely ignoring. I know that within my life I have deeply touched and helped many people, but I still search for the answers for myself, to try and comprehend whether this life was a mistake, to try and answer a very simple yet difficult question, was this life a mistake, is it worth living, worth waking up each day and facing, or am I just wasting my time in this life, in this world? Often wondering if I have reached a point where my only option is to end my life? I find this world at times to be a very cold and detached world, a world that is very difficult to live within. Often I find myself lost in this world because of the detachment that exists within this world from its origins, from spirit, and lost because of the degree of violence, hatred, and prejudice that flow through our societies. Our societies are constructed, in my view, around boxes. People’s experiences, their belief systems so often place them within a box where anything that exists outside of that box remains extremely difficult for them to comprehend, and thus they alienate those that do not fit into that box that they have created to exist within. Their boxes that they live within, create around themselves are their realities, and they are not always an honest and open reality. The problem with living inside a box, with creating our realities inside of a box is that too often we close the lids on our boxes and refuse to explore outside of that box. So we become trapped within a box, a reality that is doing us more harm than good. These boxes that we have created to live within are causing very real problems in our world, as people are too afraid, to prejudiced to accept what lays outside of our boxes, our realities. It is the prejudice, the hatred, the lies, and the coldness that is leaking out of these boxes, tainting our societies, and even worse, it is tainting the realities of our children. We are passing on to the children of each generation the hatred, prejudices, the negativities that lay within us and that have been passed on to us by those who have come before us. ...

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