Andrews Colin - Spignesi Stephen - Crop circles Signs of contact

Authors : Andrews Colin - Spignesi Stephen
Title : Crop circles Signs of contact
Year : 2003

Link download :

Introduction. The Telling by Stephen Spignesi. Credible people telling of incredible things. This is the center, the goal, even the “mission statement” of this book. And Colin Andrews is in a unique place as the premier authority on the crop circle phenomenon. When one reads Colin’s findings, it is self-evident that he is such an expert. But this is not all: He is also an intelligent, kind, spiritual gentleman with whom it has been a pleasure to work. Sometimes, a book can act as a catalyst for change. I think Colin would agree with me that if Crop Circles: Signs of Contact inspires even one reader to be more environmentally conscious, then we will have done our job. There is probably no greater mission for us all. It has been an honor to work with Colin Andrews on this book, this “report to the world” that has been two decades in the making. Crop circles have meaning, and that, in as succinct a way as this sometimes prolix writer can state, is the essence of this book’s mission statement. There are real crop formations all over the world, and science does not know how or why they are formed. There is hard scientific evidence that some circles are undeniably not manmade. Changes in the plants that cannot be duplicated in hoaxed circles; odd sounds that have been recorded in authentic crop circles; and, perhaps most astounding, the sudden appearance of enormous formations in mere minutes—creations that would take many men many hours to produce appear in minutes. Skeptics have their work cut out for them—I ask them to read the chapter in this book about the 900-foot Julia Set near Stonehenge that appeared in a span of 45 minutes before leaping to manmade conclusions. This book is Colin Andrews’s story, and I am grateful to have been sitting around the particular campfire where and when he decided to tell it. ...

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