Antelman Marvin S. - To eliminate the Opiate Volume 1

Author : Antelman Marvin S.
Title : To eliminate the Opiate Volume 1 An in-depth study of Communist and conspiratorial group efforts to destroy Jews and Judaism
Year : 1974

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In preparing this volume, I have had to weigh much historical information and have even had to rewrite some information when I found contradictory material that could be better substantiated. Anyone who can correct any particular information here that he believes to be erroneous is asked to please call it to my attention. Our understanding of history increases day by day as new documentary material is constantly being unearthed that sheds new light or even discredits previous historical sources. This is especially true when one discovers, as I have, that there seems to be a concerted attempt to bury in the shadows of history many mysterious connections and events. If, dear reader, you should be distressed or frightened when reading this volume, you should not be, because the conspiracy to destroy the Jewish religion is completely undermined in your act of reading this book. The conspiracy depends on being able to hide its inner workings. But having read this book, you will be that much more enlightened. This is what the Torah means by the admonition, "Do not conceal (Deuteronomy 13:10)." When it comes to those who seduce people to worship strange gods, that one should not conceal their actions. At the end of Volume II, God willing, I shall present a comprehensive platform on how one can deal with this conspiracy. While this book primarily addresses itself to the Jewish experience, I have endeavored to write it for non-Jews as well, so that they could better appreciate how the Jew is being falsely presented to them as a left-winger, radical Communist, or capitalistic conspirator, and begin to realize who the real conspirators are and who really represents World Jewry today. Most non-Jews, as members of daughter religions of Judaism, through this book may be able to appreciate how an attack on Judaism affects their lives. I have quoted liberally from many authorities such as Professor Gershom Scholem, Dr. Arthur Hertzberg, Max Dimont, and others. However, let the reader not think that by doing so, the author accepts many of those that he has quoted as authorities in all matters, for Gershom Scholem is an agnostic; Professor Jacob Katz, who has written Jews in Freemasonry, subscribes to Biblical criticism; Max Dimont's writings reveal antagonism towards religious Jews; and Arthur Hertzberg in his role as president of the American Jewish Congress, has been involved in an attempt to undermine the Jewish religious school system in the United States, and has attacked the Israeli Rabbinate on the issue of Jewish identity. In selecting the title of this book, Karl Marx's concept that religion must be eliminated has been incorporated. The full text of his remarks was written in German and was as follows: "Religion is the lament of the oppressed, the soul of a world that has no soul, the hope of a humanity which has lost all hope; it is the opiate of the people." This has been reduced in quotations books to "Religion is the opiate of the people." Some translate "opium" rather than opiate, but this is a poor translation of the original German. Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman 24 Nisan 5734; April 16, 1974. ...

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