Armstrong George - World Empire

Author : Armstrong George Washington
Title : World Empire
Year : 1945

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It was the purpose of the late President Roosevelt to destroy our CONSTITUTIONAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT. Every act of his administration, from the beginning to the end, was in pursuance of this purpose: the regimentation of the farmer, the coddling of labor, the packing of the Supreme Court, the New Deal manned and directed by communists, Pearl Harbor and World War II. He partially succeeded, for under the pretense of the necessities of emergencies and war, he persuaded Congress to enact numerous unconstitutional laws, and he appointed judges to sustain them. In order to present this subject frankly and intelligently, I must discuss communism and the Zionist Communist Jews for they are the people who directed Mr. Roosevelt's administration. I regret that this is true, not only because of the danger involved, but also because I will subject myself to the charge of anti- Semitism. I am anti-Communist, but only anti-Semitic to the extent that the Jews are Communists. I have seen the estimate that 80% of the Jews are Communists. That may be true of the Jews of Europe and Asia, but I do not think it true of the Jews of America. If it is true, then I am 80% anti-Semitic. I am primarily and wholeheartedly for constitutional government, and believe that it can be best accomplished by repealing Sections of the 14th and 15th Amendments to our National Constitution, thereby limiting the franchise to the nation's white Americans. The independence of America was won by white Christians and not by Jews and Negroes; there is no record of any Jew or Negro in Washington's army. The Constitution was written by Christian Americans; there was not a single Jew or Negro in the Constitutional Convention. The Jews and Negroes have never been able to establish a government and they are not capable of governing us. They are primarily racial and for racial advantages and foreign ISMS and not for America. Every Jewish and Negro member of Congress is either a Socialist or Communist and they are all opposed to constitutional government. Nor am I prejudiced against the Negro. I have been raised with them; Mammy Sylla was my Negro "mammy," and my cook and chauffeur are Negroes. I now have many Negro tenants on my plantations. I personally like Negroes but do not want them in our churches and schools, and I particularly do not want the Jews and the Negroes to run my government. This book has been written in the hope that it may disclose the sinister power that seeks to undermine and destroy our constitutional government and that it may point the way for preserving it. If it fulfills that mission I will be content, no matter what the consequences may be to me personally. I have incorporated "The Judge Armstrong Foundation" for its publication and distribution and have provided by will that the greater part of my estate, which promises to be considerable, shall go to this Foundation. My life is not important for I am 80 years of age and can only expect to be here a few years longer, but my Foundation will continue my work after death and probably then more effectively. Geo. W. Armstrong. March 10, 1947. ...

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