Balaicius Robert Alan - Our blood on the altar

Author : Balaicius Robert Alan
Title : Our blood on the altar Freedom and civilization Hang in the balance (A final call to the nations of Christendom...)
Year : 2009

Link download :

Freedom hangs in the balance as the enemies within the U.S. sack and dismantle the last major Christian bulwark against Zionism and Communism. The freedoms of speech and the press will soon be outlawed in the U.S., under the guise of “hate speech” — as they have been outlawed in most all of oncefree, now-communist Europe (east and west). Convicted criminal pedophiles will even be protected by these anti-“hate speech” laws: giving immoral criminal perverts greater rights than godly, moral people. This should not be surprising in a Talmudic-controlled nation which kills its babies and babies its killers. ...

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