Ballantyne Robert Michael - The Norsemen in the West or America before Columbus A tale

Author : Ballantyne Robert Michael
Title : The Norsemen in the West or America before Columbus A tale
Year : 1872

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Preface. It is an interesting historical fact that America was discovered by the Norsemen about five hundred years before Columbus crossed the Atlantic. This is not stated with a view to depreciate the fame of the great man who is, in the true sense of the term, the discoverer of America, and whose honoured name that land should have borne ; for Columbus not only re-discovered the New World by the force of his genius and irrepressible energy, long after its existence had been forgotten, but he did so for a noble purpose for the advancement of geographical knowledge and the good of mankind ; while the Norsemen merely pitched upon it in the course of their wayward wanderings, and cared little, if at all, that the world should benefit by their discovery. Nevertheless, it is creditable to the "hardy Norsemen" that they actually did discover America about the year 986, and settled on its western shores in 1006. The Icelandic Saga which relates the fact is well authenticated. Those who desire full information in regard to it may consult Mr. Laing's translation of the "Heimskringla, or Chronicles of the Kings of Norway." In this tale I have adhered as closely as possible to the Saga in all matters of importance. In regard to minor details I have drawn, to some extent, on my own knowledge and personal experience of life in the wildernesses of America. R. M. B. EDINBURGH, 1872. ...

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