Big D. W. - Entes Tim - Yosatanae Phil - Holocaust or unholy hoax

Authors : Big D. W. - Entes Tim - Yosatanae Phil
Title : B'nai b'rith An international anti-christian, pro-communist jewish power
Year : 2009

Link download :

This scene of Israeli brutality is repeated just about every day against Palestinians, but you won’t hear about it in the Jewish-owned media. Then at regular intervals this brutality becomes a veritable mass slaughter, as in the 1982 bombing of Lebanon, killing 20,000 civilians, and the Gaza massacre in Feb. 2009, when 1400 civilians, including over 400 children, were intentionally killed. To help justify such continual crimes against humanity, Jewish suffering during World War II is transformed into something Way, Way Bigger than it ever was, giving Zionist Jews and their gullible Fellow Travelers and Useful Idiots, especially misguided Fundamentalist Christians,* a pretext to murder and oppress Palestinians and anyone else who is perceived as an obstacle to their goal of controlling the entire Middle East and in fact the Whole World.… And the Jewish-controlled U.S. provides them with over $8 MILLION A DAY in order to help them do this ! ...

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