Big D. W. - Entes Tim - Yosatanae Phil - The holocaust Separating fact from fiction

Authors : Big D. W. - Entes Tim - Yosatanae Phil
Title : The holocaust Separating fact from fiction
Year : 2009

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From Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust (2005), available online: It is important to realize what significance the Holocaust has assumed in western societies. The Holocaust is dealt with by countless: – museums – monuments – commemoration days – orations – books – periodicals – newspaper reports – speeches and conferences – university chairs – documentary and entertainment films – criminal law, criminal proceedings, censorship … And the above list is certainly incomplete. So, if I claim that the Holocaust is the most important of all historical topics, I am not saying that because it suits me personally or because I consider this importance to be appropriate. A factual analysis of the western value system enables us to conclude that the Holocaust is something like an absolute zero point of our moral value system, the ultimate evil. No doubt this is what former director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, Michael Berenbaum, had in mind when in 2000 he said: “As I observe young people in relativistic societies seeking an absolute for morals and values, they now can view the Holocaust as the transcendental move away from the relativistic, and up into the absolute where the Holocaust confronts absolute Evil =Nazism and thus find fundamental values.” …. Naturally this characterization of the Holocaust as “absolute evil” confers upon the topic a theological dimension. Although the concept “evil” can be viewed from a non-theological perspective, for example through moral philosophy or evolutionary ethics, to define absolute evil is absolutist, fundamentalist, dogmatic and as such places the topic beyond scientific analysis. Other aspects of the Holocaust indicate that the way the western world deals with it has now reached a religious dimension. A re-reading of the above list attests to that. For some time now the historic places and museums of the Holocaust have become places of pilgrimage where relics of all sorts are on display (hair, spectacles, suitcases, shoes, gastight doors, etc.). Don’t the passionate orations on remembrance days remind you of a religious repentance service? Are there not everywhere the high priests who with raised index finger admonish us how to behave in matters Holocaust and all that is connected with it? They advise us how to treat the perpetrators, the victims, their descendants, their countries, their customs, their demands, etc. They also advise us on how we are to think, to feel, to act, to remember, to live if we wish to be known as good human beings. ...

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