Bolton Kerry Raymond - Perón and Perónism

Author : Bolton Kerry Raymond
Title : Perón and Perónism The life & thoughts of Juan Domingo Perón
Year : 2014

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Introduction. The name Perón is now relatively well-known across much of the English-speaking world, thanks to the long-playing Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice stage musical Evita (1978-) and the film of the same name (1996). These also spawned the publication or republication of books, again for the most part about Evita Perón, ranging from the relatively useful, such as Alicia Dujovne Ortiz’s Eva Perón: A Biography (1997), and Evita: An Intimate Portrait of Eva Perón by Tomas de Elia and Juan Pablo Quieroz (1997), to the thoroughly scabrous Mary Main biography Evita: The Woman with the Whip (first published in 1952, and vomited forth again in 1996). As Francisco M. Rocha states in his introduction to Evita: An Intimate Portrait, ‘the popular cult of Evita has over the years persisted, reached immense proportions, and remained intact despite attacks and efforts to demythologize her’. (p. 190). However, General Juan Domingo Perón, the man responsible for the Evita of world fame, is not so well known other than as Eva’s husband. Even those who write of Perón in a more substantial manner, do so inadequately. They do so with hints, at most, that he was not ‘just another Latin American dictator’. In particular, little is written of Perón as a philosopher, who drew readily from Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Plato, and a range of others across time, nation, and culture. Even less is the English reader given the opportunity to know that Perón formulated a philosophy, Justicialism that has an impressive corpus of literature rivalling the accumulated tomes of liberalism, capitalism and Marxism. In this book I hope to have presented the reader, and in particular the English reader, probably for the first time, with an adequate overview of Perónism in theory and practice, as part of a national-social synthesis that remains relevant to the present age of globalisation and super-power hegemony. I hope to have shown that Perón was in many ways far ahead of his time. He addressed issues that are only now being discussed at world forums, but in Perón’s case, with the insistence that problems must be solved within a national and more broadly continental context rather than imposing upon humanity a ‘new world order’ in which we are reduced to being a nebulous mass of economic cogs or, as Perón would say, ‘insectified’ for the sake of economics. Kerry R. Bolton. Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. ...

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