Borjesson Kristina - Into the Buzzsaw

Author : Borjesson Kristina
Title : Into the Buzzsaw Leading journalists expose the myth of a free press
Year : 2002

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Foreword. Gore Vidal. Into the Buzzsaw is a splendid-and heartening-collection of essays. Some are by writers known to me; others not. The one great thing that each has in common with the others is a dedication not only to freedom of speech but to a close scrutiny of things political and-alas-religious. They go to the roots and they ask the only question worth asking-why ? On November 25, 1644, the poet John Milton published Aereopagitica. In the midst of the English Civil WarRoundhead Puritans versus King's Cavaliers-Milton wrote a pamphlet in favor of divorce. Fundamentalist Protestant Christians asked Parliament that it be burned and that the laws of censorship through the licensing of pamphlets, etc., be reinforced. Milton's response to his critics was to invoke the common meeting place of Athenian citizens, the Aereopagus, by publishing the pamphlet Aereopagitica, "A speech of Mr. John Milton for the liberty of unlicensed printing, to the Parliament of England." ...

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