Boylan Richard - Star kids

Author : Boylan Richard
Title : Star kids The emerging cosmic generation
Year : 2004

Link download :

Preface. So why does a mild-mannered researcher and hypnotherapist, a former university professor and clinic director, get involved in such an exotic matter as the Star Kids phenomenon? Good question. As was true also in my research with experiencers of contact by the Star Visitors, I not so much went looking for the Star Kids and the Star Seeds, as they came looking for me. Let me provide you with a little background on this. The first stage of my involvement with matters cosmic began in 1989, when I began working with experiencers of Star Visitor encounters. I had been a professional psychotherapist for three decades, and thought that I had heard everything. But in 1989 I found out that I had not. That year I had four different persons seek me out for counseling about minor problems of daily living. These individuals were mentally sound and ordinary responsible citizens, one is even a recognized figure in Republican political life in my state. But after having worked with them in counseling a while, these four separate individuals decided to let down their hair a little further and tell me about contacts they had had from Star Visitors. I was jolted by their accounts of contact, but having worked with them already for a while, had already determined that they were not crackpots. Nor did they have any motivation of personal gain from telling their story to me. For everything told to a professional psychologist is confidential. There would be no attention coming to them, nor did they seek any. They told me their experiences at some perceived personal risk. Each told me they were sure that after I heard what they had to say, that I would commit them to the state mental hospital. But I did not. As it turned out, I had the background to properly assess their accounts, not only s a psychologist, but as a person who had followed the UFO phenomenon for many years. You see, I was born before there was a UFO Cover-Up. I was eight years old when I heard my parents talk about the newspaper report of a private pilot, sheriff’s deputy Kenneth Arnold, who had spotted a V-formation of round wingless craft flying near Mount Rainier, Washington State in June, 1947. Deputy Arnold dubbed them “flying saucers”, and the term stuck. Three weeks later, our daily paper and every paper in the country ,ran a front-page story that a flying saucer had been reported captured by the Army near Roswell, New Mexico. I remember thinking to myself, “Gee, that’s neat: there are other people in the universe and we’re not the only ones.” And in 1952, I was in eighth grade and reading the daily paper for myself. There was no way I could miss the big scream headlines and photos that July reporting UFOs repeatedly flying over the U.S. Capitol night after night. And how the Army Air Corps sent up fighter planes who couldn’t catch up with them. It was right after that, in 1953 that the government invented the UFO Cover-Up, and began having prominent scientists and Air Force Public Information Officers go before the press to deny and discredit UFO sighting reports. But it was too late. The seniors in our population still remember the truth from the good old days when the newspapers covered UFO sightings like any other valid news story, and had nothing to fear from the government for doing so. The second stage in my involvement with this phenomenon came in 1977. ...

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