Brandt John L. - Anglo-Saxon supremacy

Author : Brandt John L.
Title : Anglo-Saxon supremacy Or Race Contributions to Civilization
Year : 1915

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The difference between the Law of Survival under the reign of which animals make their way in the world, and the Law of Survival by the observance of which human beings attain supremacy, is infinite. According to the Law of Survival which prevails among animals and plants, only the fittest, the physically strongest, have any promise of a career. The living creatUies in the natural world tend to multiply at so rapid a rate that any one species, were it not kept in check, would in a few generations over-populate the globe and utterly outgrow all possible means of subsistence. Bishop Randolph S. Foster calculated that if all the English sparrows that are hatched were permitted to live and propagate their species, it would not be many generations before enough of them would come into existence to cover the face of the earth more than a mile deep. Because so many more animals are born than can find food enough to live on, and because there are so many more · seeds produced by the trees and plants than can find soil enough to grow on, there is necessarily a great struggle for existence perpetually raging everywhere. According to the Law of Survival in the natural world, the many that are weak are sacrificed for the sake of the few that are strong. According to the Law of Survival in the human world, the few who are strong sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the many who are weak. The law of animal survival is aristocratic; it preserves and justifies the struggles of the few against the many. The Law of Survival in the human world is democratic; it pours life into the failing hearts of the weak to make them fit to live. The animal Law of Survival is physical. The human Law of Survival is moral. If man is a brute and nothing more the law of the physical is as completely adapted to him as to the living creatures beneath him. If death closes the career of man and beast alike, then it is well for both, if inefficient and weak, if ailing and diseased, to go down together in the struggle, in order that the strong and the efficient may have wider opportunity to complete their lives. But man is not a brute. He is essentially a spirit. Therefore, the law of his life, the law in obedience to which he attains supremacy, is not summed up in Darwin's famous sentence: "The survival of the fittest in the struggle for existence." The rule Darwin defined from a study of life in the plant and animal kingdoms, is the law of economy, under the sway of which the many are sacrificed for the few. It is the law by which the superfluous and unfit are destroyed that the strong may have room in which to flourish. But human beings do not become strong by driving the weak to the wall; they become strong by lifting the weak. They become good by sacrificing for the bad in order that the bad may become good. Human beings do not become wise by destroying the foolish but rather by sharing their wisdom with the foolish so that they may cease to be foolish. Human beings do not become strong by ousting the morally weak, but by lending them their own moral strength that they may become strong. Human beings do not become holy by eliminating the vicious and depraved: they attain sanctity by sacrificing for the erring, by sympathizing with them, by helping them in order to lift them to a higher moral and spiritual level. ...

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