Brown Courtney - Cosmic explorers

Author : Brown Courtney
Title : Cosmic explorers Scientific remote viewing, extraterrestials, and a message for Mankind
Year : 2000

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In his groundbreaking book, Cosmic Voyage, Courtney brown revealed the possible existence of two extraterrestrial civilizations whos destinies are intertwined with our own. Using a system of subspace surveillance previously exploited by the U.S. military, Cosmic Voyage showed what many have long suspected: that we are not alone . . . even here on Earth. In Cosmic Explorers, Dr. Brown takes his research a critical step further, in a riveting true story that expands humanity's journey into the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. Based on unprecedented information drawn from Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV), Cosmic Explorers continues the search for extraterrestrial life, and sounds and important warning. The U.S. military has long used remote viewing as a means of spying on potential or actual enemies. Dr. Brown developed the technique further, producing uncannily accurate information about verifiable targets. Now he applies these techniques in an unusual direction, and speculates that the remnants of a Martian race may be struggling to survive in burried recesses on their own devastated planet, and he further explores the idea that the Greys - a seemingly highly evolved humanoid race - may be seeking a new future for themselves. He also raises the possibility of yet a third previously unknown alien civilization: a warlike race that may have its own frightening agenda for our planet. Through detailed descriptions of actual SRV sessions, Dr. Brown provides a rare glimpse into the possible structure and culture of this aggressive race, the Reptilians, including the nature of their heirarchy, their home world, and their covert activities. He also takes us deeper into the secret worlds of the Greys and the Martians, whose ongoing crises could have a profound effect on the people of Earth. A comprehensive experimental study of alien cultures using a novel methodology, a detailed description of the methods of SRV, and a fascinating account of one man's odyssey into the unknown, Cosmic Explorers probes the dangers that lie before us - and tells us what we must do to defend and ensure our future. Courtney Brown, Ph.D., is Director of The Farsight Institute, a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the development of remote viewing as a scientific method of data collection. Trained and active as a social scientist, his work uniquely blends the pragmatic realm of governmental policy with the more esoteric matters of spiritual development and extraterrestrial life. The author of four previous books, he lives with his family in Georgia. ...

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