Bunch Paul - The masterminds of Stonehenge

Author : Bunch Paul
Title : The masterminds of Stonehenge Were they Aborigines ? Or intelligent White Men ?
Year : 1971

Link download : Bunch_Paul_-_The_masterminds_of_Stonehenge.zip

Foreword. This small book began originally as a High School science paper by its author, a member of Lord's Covenant Church, and then, just 18 years old. His conclusions as to the type of people who must have built Stonehenge were so different from that which is generally presented in the High School text-books, that we thought it a service to a growing generation, which is so horribly ignorant of the true nature of our ancestors, to put it in book form that they may read it, and think. In this day when the present and past history of the White Race is so distorted, we do hope this may shed some little light on those who lived so long ago, from whom many of our people in America are descended. ...

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