Busch Moritz - Our Chancellor

Author : Busch Moritz
Title : Our Chancellor; Sketches for a historical picture
Year : 1884

Link download : Busch_Moritz_-_Our_Chancellor.zip

Preface. When a portrait painter intends to take the likeness of any particular person, he endeavours to make that person's acquaintance, to study his characteristic features at moments and in situations calculated to reveal their true expression, and to sketch them, more or less elaborately, on paper. I may compare the following studies to an artist' s observations and drawings, executed as a preliminary to the painting of his picture. From 1870 to the present time, I have enjoyed many opportunities of contemplating their subject closely and with observant eyes. What these latter have not actually seen, has been derived from trustworthy sources. I have also utilized a former work of my own, dealing with a special episode in the Chancellor's life, the material of which - extracted from a diary, and therefore published in a fragmentary form - will be found here, combined with cognate matter, in its proper place. ...

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