Carpenter Rhys - Everyday life in ancient times

Authors : Carpenter Rhys - Hamilton Edith - Hayes William Christopher - Speiser E. A. - Stillwell Richard
Title : Everyday life in ancient times Highlights of the beginnings of Western Civilization in Mesopotamia, Eqypt, Greece and Rome
Year : 1958

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If one could go back in time and space to the first humble origins of Western civilization, he would find himself in Mesopotamia in about 4500 B. C. From here he could advance with the years to Egypt, then on to Greece and Rome. These four ancient countries put in more time on the progress of mankind than did any other country or people up to modern times. Mesopotamia gave us writing, metallurgy, law, and such basic inventions as the wheel and the true arch. From it also came such familiar things as the razor, the frying pan, and the 60-minute hour. Egypt developed great technical skill in art and construction. Greece, a laboratory of democracy, contributed philosophy, sculpture, architecture, and, what has survived most strongly, the love of freedom. Rome, which preserved and carried on Greek science and learning, offered numerical symbols, language, and politics. ...

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