Carr Joseph - The Lucifer connection

Author : Carr Arlington Joseph J.
Title : The Lucifer connection Why are Shirley MacLaine, the chruch and 60 million other Americans meddling in ancient evil ?
Year : 1987

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Introduction. Arlington County, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. together form the 10-mile square allowed by the U.S. Constitution for the nation's capital. Although long ago ceded back to Virginia, Arlington was Washington's western bedroom community during my childhood years. My old neighborhood (Madison Manor/Dominion Hills) is a couple dozen or so blocks of two-story colonials and singlestory ramblers built right after World War II to house the flood of families started by returning veterans. The neighborhood was bounded on the north by Four Mile Run Creek (now Interstate 66) and on the south by Wilson Boulevard. At the southwest corner of the neighborhood, across Wilson Boulevard from the big water tower, was an estate that local gossip claimed was once the home of actress Audrey Meadows. A block or two down Wilson was the Kern Estate. Oddly, the ideas for two of my Christian books came from famous persons who lived in or very near the old neighborhood. The Twisted Cross (Huntington House) was inspired in part by American neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell. Although he started his irrational career in another neighborhood on the other side of the county, he ended up in Dominion Hills. When author Alex Haley (of Roots fame) interviewed Rockwell, it was probably at the Kern Estate, which the Nazis rented. One day in 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell went to do his own laundry at the coin-operated laundromat in the Dominion Hills Shopping Center less than a block from his headquarters. As the Nazi leader turned to exit his car on the driver's side, two shots from an 1896 Mauser "Broomhandle" pistol rang out and Rockwell fell dead onto the parking lot blacktop. It turned out later that Rockwell was murdered by one of his own "storm troopers" who had hidden on the roof behind the laundromat sign. Even today, more than 20 years later, local Nazis occasionally stencil paint a foot-high swastika on the spot where Rockwell died. Although the shopping center management routinely paints out the swastikas, they always reappear within a few weeks. The other neighborhood personality is actress Shirley Maclaine. Local gossip also told us that she grew up in that neighborhood and graduated from Washington-Lee High School a mile or so away. I know several W-L alumni who followed Shirley Maclaine's career with keen interest, even though she went through the place a decade earlier than us. Although I no longer have favorite actors or actresses, it is still easy to induce me to watch a Shirley MacLaine movie ... I suppose I am still a fan. Recently, Shirley MacLaine has become a leading New Age advocate. In that role, she was an inspiration for this present book. Maclaine's books, Out On A Limb and Dancing In The Light, form the statement of her spiritual odyssey ... and have influenced millions of readers. On January 18-19, 1987 ABC-TV aired a heavily publicized five-hour miniseries based on Out On A Limb. With that telecast, many millions more were exposed to seemingly congenial New Age spiritual teachings that are eternally fatal. Television is such an influential medium that scores of millions of people who would otherwise not pay any attention at all to the alluring blandishments of the New Age are now wondering if perhaps there is something to these "new" ideas. Because of Shirley MacLaine's widespread influence, the collective influence of other New Agers and the ultimate importance of the questions they raise, I have decided to write this book. My task is to counter some of the claims of the New Age, especially the doctrine of reincarnation and the Law of Karma. Joseph J. Carr Arlington, Virginia. ...

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