Chapel Charles - Hammer of the patriot

Author : Chapel Charles (Zeiger)
Title : Hammer of the patriot A handbook on rhetorical counter-terrorism
Year : 2014

Link download :

Chapter I - Introduction. Purpose and use of the book. The striking paradox which becomes apparent when we're exposed to liberals and their discourse, is that on one hand they seem to always repeat the same simple nonsensical arguments and attacks, while on the other hand they have overwhelming success while debating nationalists and other enemies of Marxist thought. Why is it so hard for us to win debates against tape recorders stuck on “repeat"? Why can I turn on the television right now and see a liberal accusing a conservative of being “stuck in the 1950's", and be amazed that the conservative has no good answer to this tired cliche ? The very illogical nature of liberal “sound bites", like “check your white privilege", “you just hate women" or “religion is the cause of wars and oppression" is precisely their greatest strength. Why? Why doesn't the public realize that those arguments are flawed, and that those mouthing them are dishonest? Why don't people respond positively when nationalists explain calmly that “I don't hate women, I just want what's best for everyone"? It seems like no matter how logical and straightforward our rebuttals are, they just can't get through to people, and we end up being demonized by the liberals. Well, the answer to that question is actually quite simple. When people within the same group debate a point, they are playing for the same team, and genuinely want to learn the truth, because they will all benefit from having correct knowledge. But debates between opposing groups of people like liberals and nationalists are not about logic, or finding out the truth. They are struggles for dominance. They are shows of force. The two parties don't want the same thing, they're not playing for the same team. So the public wants to know which team to join. They don't care which team has the best arguments, they want to be on the side of the winners. In such a verbal struggle, strength is truth. ...

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