Chernikov A. A. - Hydrological cycle Volume 2 Artificial rainfall

Author : Chernikov A. A.
Title : Hydrological cycle Volume 2 Artificial rainfall
Year : *

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Summary. In many regions of the world traditional sources and supplies of groundwater, rivers and reservoirs are either inadequate or under stress from increasing demands on water from changes in land use and growing population. The ability to influence and modify cloud microstructure in certain cloud systems has been demonstrated and verified in laboratory, modeling, and observational studies. Cloud seeding for precipitation enhancement has been used as a tool to help mitigate dwindling water resources. Weather modification activities to enhance water supplies have been conducted for a wide variety of users including water resource managers, hydroelectric power companies, and agriculture. Many operational programs have been ongoing and have increased in number in the past ten years. Despite this, there is still a need for continued and more intensive scientific studies to further develop the scientific basis for this technology. ...

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