Cobbald Jane - Viktor Schauberger

Author : Cobbald Jane
Title : Viktor Schauberger A life of learning from nature
Year : 2006

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Preface to the second edition More thanks are owed: to Jörg Schauberger for taking the time to correct, clarify and expand some of the text of the first edition, and to all at Floris Books for taking a leap of faith with an unknown author. And especially to Callum Coats, for his extraordinary work in translating the Schauberger archive, an enterprise of nearly two decades. This book is based on those translations. Viktor Schauberger lived in the first half of the twentieth century, in a world with different values from today. One of the changes that has taken place since then is in the attitude to hunting. For his generation, it was part of the natural order of things that humans should hunt. He saw no contradiction between this and his huge respect for Nature. Nowadays, as the world is more complicated and many wildlife species are endangered, some of us are ambivalent about it. However, it is undeniable that many of his most extraordinary stories are from the times when he was out alone in the mountain forests, hunting. A note on the illustrations: This book contains a selection of drawings by Viktor Schauberger that have not been published before in book form. They are part of a series of sketches that he drew in the years 1946 and 1947. This was a difficult period for him, and his country. He was unable to continue with any of the projects that he had previously been working on. He was isolated and housebound. Prevented from working on any outward, practical ventures, he turned inward. The drawings were made on lined paper and most of them had no accompanying text. For me, they allow a glimpse of the world as Viktor Schauberger saw it. They show his observation of the patterns in Nature, and his recognition of their significance. Some of them look like eddies in a stream; others like cogs in a machine. Still others could be interpreted either way. They are all part of a continuum, showing his fascination with the unending processes he saw at play around him. They demonstrate his motto: ‘kapieren und kopieren,’ comprehend and copy; in other words, first understand Nature and then copy it. ...

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