Comparet Bertrand L. - The Laws of God

Author : Comparet Bertrand L.
Title : The Laws of God
Year : 19*

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Tonight I am going to talk to you about the laws of the kingdom of God. That is a subject which the churches have botched up, maybe more than most things, and nearly everything you were taught on this subject in the ordinary churches you can discount as being partly or wholly false, because of the way they have messed it up. The Bible speaks of four kinds of divine law: the commandments, the judgments, the statutes, and the ordinances. And today's ministers, with rare exception, have no idea that there is any difference between these at all. The commandments are the major rules of conduct for the responsibility of man to his God. The Ten Commandments in the twentieth chapter of Exodus, of course, are the outstanding examples of this: Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not commit murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, and so forth. And contrary to what a good many of the churches teach, they are still in full effect. Now the judgments: The use of that word is a bit misleading. Today we understand judgment to mean the decision of a court after it has heard the case, but, as used in the Bible, it is the rules by which a court is to decide the case. In other words, following the rules set up in what your King James Version calls judgments, a court will know how to decide the case. It is used sometimes in the Bible in the modern sense of the decision also, but from the point of view of Bible law, consider it as the rules by which a court decides a case; but not all cases. The commandments need no rules of this sort; they are clear enough. But what the Bible classifies as judgments are the cases between man and his fellow man; it includes the laws in regard to property rights, master and servant, and that sort of thing. ...

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