Cook Nick - The hunt for zero point

Author : Cook Nick
Title : The hunt for zero point Inside the classified world of antigravity technology
Year : 2001

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In memory of Julian Cook, inventor, and Harry Hawker, fighter pilot. Per ardua ad astra. And for my children, Lucy and William, that one day they or their children may see the stars more closely. Author's Note and Acknowledgments. Not everyone who has assisted me in The Hunt For Zero Point has wished to be identified. There are four people - "Amelia Lopez," "Lawrence Cross," "Daniella Abelman" and "Dr. Dan Marckus" - whose identities I have deliberately blurred. They, of course, know who they are and I gratefully acknowledge their help. It goes without saying that I could not have interpreted the mass of raw science data in this book without the exceptional skills of Dan Marckus. His knowledge, wisdom, humor and friendship have been an inspiration to me. Everyone else is exactly as identified in the text. The people and institutions I can thank freely are listed below: My colleagues at Jane's Defence Weekly and Interavia, Tom Valone of the Integrity Research Institute, Paul LaViolette Ph.D., Dr. Kathleen Bunten, Isabel Best, Joel Carpenter, the Imperial War Museum, Philip Henshall, Graham Ennis, Rowland White, Guy Norris, Jeremy Bartlett, Michael Collins, Guy Rigby, Kevin Bexley, Stephen Parker, Bill Zuk, Yvonne Kinkaid, the Office of (U.S.) Air Force History, David Windle, Chris Gibson, Tony Frost, the late Prof. Brian Young, Dr. Ron Evans, BAE Systems, Garry Lyles, George Schmidt, Marc Millis, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lockheed Martin and the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov, Dr. Hal Puthoff, the late Ben Rich, Bill Sweetman, Glenn Campbell, Mark Farmer and the Groom Lake Interceptors, Mike Grigsby, James Cook, David Monaghan, George Muellner, Marian Swedija, Irving Baum, Ken Jones, Charles T. Schaeffer, the 16th Armored Division veterans' association, Dr. Amy Schmidt, the U.S. National Archives Records Administration, Ned Bedessem, U.S. Army Center of Military History, the Bundesarchiv at Freibourg, the U.K. Public Records Office, Maurizio Verga, James Holland, Callum Coats, Don Kelly, Bob Widmer, Boyd Bushman, George Hathaway, John Hutchison and John B. Alexander. My particular thanks go to: Mark Booth, Hannah Black, Anna Cherrett and the whole team at Century, Charlie Conrad, Claire Johnson, Chava Boylan, Becky Cole, and the whole Broadway Books team in New York, Bill Rose for his outstanding picture research, Igor Witkowski for taking me to the Wenceslas Mine and for sharing his tremendous insight into German secret weapons, Tom Agoston for his groundbreaking book Blunder!, the Schauberger family—Frau Ingeborg, Joerg and Ingrid—for their kindness and hospitality at Bad Ischl, Brue Richardson for her constancy, serenity and guidance, Barry and Fiona Shaw for putting up with me (and the rest) during a myriad of writing weekends, Dr. Patrick G. Bailey and Charlee Trantino for their sterling work on the index, and Mark Lucas for being a damn fine friend and agent. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Ali, my family and hers. This book would have been quite impossible without them. ...

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